A Waiting Game.

It has been a week tomorrow since my last meeting for the Detention Officer position with the Onslow County sheriffs Department. I know they are still processing my application and now it’s just a waiting game until they call me for the interview and final steps for the job. I’m confident that I will get this job, in the mean time I now have a part-time job as a postal carrier two days a week. I’m still in school full-time and hoping to take a couple of classes this summer to keep myself up to speed with the criminal justice classes. I have been and will be busy now and in the future.  My girls are leaving for

their dads in a couple of months and I am staying home this summer, no trips planned. Hopefully this new life endeavour will keep me busy and I will finally be content in moving forward. I really think with me not having a full-time job has hindered me from really committing to anyone. I wanted to get my life straightened out first and then I could let someone in. Who knows, crossing my fingers that this will be it.  So for right now I sit and wait, going to school, delivering mail, hanging with my girls and hoping for that last phone call.

Crossing My Fingers..

Well I have passed my Detention Officer Physical Agility test, and turned in my completed application as of last Thursday. I went through fingerprinting and the photographing process of the application as well. I received a phone call on Friday that I have to come in for the second part of the application process on Monday for some informal questioning… :-0  Not sure what that is all about, but I can say that I’m honestly nervous. With that being said I’m confident about going in there and answering everything truthfully and to the best of my ability. I can only hope that I will do well enough to move on to the next phase. I have been training for my part-time job as a postal carrier as well and I will probably start this Tuesday, hopefully I can drive my car from the LEFT side.. Both of my girls are doing very well in school. Michelle just participated in a talent show at school and she was one of 32 chosen out of 76 who tried out. She did an amazing job at singing Jar of Hearts, I was so very proud. Julia is on her way to the 8th grade and still loving school and orchestra classes. Spring break is around the corner and I have already paid for us to go to Raeford for some indoor skydiving time. This should be awesome for the three of us. All in all my life has made a much-needed transition. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get this job so I can better provide for my girls and maybe get us out of this small duplex and into a bigger place for them to actually grow up in. I love it here in Swansboro and I don’t  foresee myself living any place else, well at least until my girls graduate anyway.. I’ll keep everyone posted as to my up and coming job adventures.. Until next time……….. Take Care


THEY DID IT!!!!! Yes my girls graduated from the Swansboro Young Marine Program last night. I’m so proud of them and the accomplishment that they have made. Thank you for all who came out to celebrate this great achievement. Now we have to work on getting them promoted.. I made a video of it so soon I will post it to the blog, for now here are just a few pics of the ceremony.. MORE TO COME!!!





Saying Goodbye

On Friday February 25th my family lost another member. Tim’s mom passed away from a long battle with cancer. Even though me and Tim went our separate ways, I still consider his family my own. I must admit that I feel horrible because I really didn’t keep in touch as much as I should have and even though it  was very hard to tell the girls  they understood that the cancer had taken away everything from their grandmother that they remember. Her funeral was today. I thank God that the girls and I were able to talk to her a couple of days before her passing and she was high-spirited and had no negativity at all. She told me that when the girls look up into the night sky and see the brightest star then that was her, looking down on them and watching over them always.

Anita we miss you already, may God Bless the Ayers Family during this tough time. I love you Mom..