My Paintings/Drawings

Paintings/Drawings, Works in Progress.

Still Life

Still Life

Self Portrait

First Underpainting


First Still Life

Cezanne Copy


I have ventured out of the realm of photography and jumped into the world of painting/drawing. Although it seemed too hard to sink in at first, I find that having a canvas in front of me soothes my soul. To see something come to life with vibrance and color (not to exclude photography by no means) has brought another side to me that I didn’t even know existed. So I will keep venturing outside of the box to find more passion in whatever may come my way.



One thought on “My Paintings/Drawings

  1. Mom & Dad says:

    Hey your art work is awsome. I always knew you had more talent than you were willing to give yourself credit for. However your self portrait dose not look anything like you. I don’t know who you were looking at but you are not that scary looking. You are much more Beautiful in person. Keep Smiling. ps Grandad says GET RID OF THE BENNIE Ha Ha

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