3 Weeks and Counting…..

Well I have about 3 weeks until me and the girls leave for Arkansas. I have so much to do before we leave it seems so overwhelming. My psych class is in constant need of attention. I have two papers, plus DB questions and tests to accomplish. My girls get out of school on the 10th and my schedule up until than is packed full of to do lists. From class to parties to meeting with lawyers and preparing for Michelle’s birthday, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I will be so glad when we can get on the road and just get out of here. The drive will be long but I’m really looking forward to getting on the road and stopping here and there to take photographs. I need to figure some things and enjoy my family as well. I will be bringing my Holga and can’t wait to start shooting once I get there. Although we will be stopping along our 18 hour trip to shoot as well. Yes 18 hours… I have done it plenty of times and know the route like the back of my hand.

street1Mansfield is a small town that survives on the local Lumber Mill, and if it goes under Mansfield will become a ghost town. I grew up in this town and it has changed so much in the past 10 years. Some of the original buildings are still standing but most of them are gone. I can remember walking down this street to Don’s Drugs with my class while in elementary. We would all hold hands and walk to the store to get a scoop of ice cream during the summer. This was our so called field trips back then. I believe that Don is still in business but I’m not sure. I think I will take the girls to get some ice cream there if he is.The way this town looks early in the morning is great for shots with the Holga, I can’t wait. I’m going to stock up on film, and just take the Holga and my digital. That’s it, nothing more nothing less. This will keep me pretty busy in Arkansas and my trip back through Nashville.

I will probably update my blog the day or two before I head out and will post as much as I can afterward. I’m not sure how much internet I will be able to get while staying with family. We live in the backwoods so who knows. Here are some old photos of Mansfield from way back when.


Old Train Depot (Now Gone)

008This was the old bank and it sat on the right hand corner as you came into downtown. It is now gone replace with a park… 😦

More to come…


Holga Shots

I have finally developed the two rolls of color film that I have taken with my Holga. This camera may feel like a toy and even look like one but it is definitely not. I need to practice more with it to get the type of look that I want. Here are a few shots that I really like. Some were taken in Wilmington and some are from Bear Island.

Bear Island Ferry

Bear Island Ferry

Restraunt on Wilmington Water Front

Restraunt on Wilmington Water Front

Internet Cafe in Wilmington

Internet Cafe in Wilmington

Wine Sold Here Wilmington

Wine Sold Here Wilmington

Road Work Wilmington

Road Work Wilmington

Seaweed Bear Island

Seaweed Bear Island

Random Quote of the Day!

Found this and thought it was interesting. I’m going through some really rough times now, I can handle it, but knowing that you are loved makes things so much better. But it also takes courage to love someone, and courage to take  chances. I think I’m about done taking chances, I have come to a cross road and I’m standing there not knowing which way to go.


I think I might go to church this morning, I need some time to pray..

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.”


This past week has been pretty uneventful. I have recovered from my stupidity in the sun and went through a roll of 120 color film in Wilmington on Thursday. Can’t wait to see what that looks like. I’m also playing with some photos I took through a beer bottle. I think I’m going to start a new series called “Views Through A Bottle”…. Here are a few that I really like. It’s great to find new ways to shoot and be creative as well.


View Through a Bottle


Seeing Through



Kids Jumping

Kids Jumping

In Time

smiley-face-wallpaper-002I’m sitting in the Coffee shop this morning and updating the blog. Switched it once again, I can’t seem to find something that is me. So I just changed the header. It was a rainy day yesterday and I’m looking forward to a sunny day today. Planning on going to the beach and start working on a tan of some kind. Time has slowed down to a snails pace now that I’m out of school and I’m not currently working. Of course when I have down time my mind tends to wonder and I have been back and forth with many questions. It’s nice to have a break from everything though. My Holga comes in tomorrow, I can’t wait. I have two rolls of color film for it and I think I’m going to Wilmington for the day, Myrtle Beach is just too far out for a one day excursion. I hope this weekend will be nice, hoping to go out to Bear Island, maybe camp or just hang out for the weekend who knows.sunrise-over-bear-island2

In time things will work out and go my way. Things have gone pretty well and I have accomplished so much, and still accomplishing many things. My divorce is probably a month from being final, maybe less. I will be starting ECU in the fall, and I’m going home for a couple of days in June. Then Nashville for some down time and some much needed artistic involvement. I can honestly say that I’m a pretty simple person and I don’t ask for much, the littlest things can make me happy, if I’m with the right person. On that note, the sun is out and it’s time for the beach………..Hope everyone has a great day.. 🙂


Glimmer of Light

It is Thursday and the semester is over. I have conquered three on line classes which include, Psychology, Introduction to Becoming a Teacher, and Health. On line classes are no joke and each one was very consistent and content filled. Summer is here and I have a little window of peace until my next on line class starts on the 19th. Last Sunday was the girls first Communion and they looked so pretty in their dresses.


Took the kids fishing last Saturday, tried to fish while fighting away the bugs. It was a beautiful day and we had ourselves a picnic which was nice. I love to just sit outside and enjoy the weather when it is cooperating. 100_3169

I hope the weather holds up for this week. I plan on doing some shooting and possibly buying a Holga, I’m really geting into the whole dreamy look of true black and white film these days. I’ll also take my digital as well, never leave home without it. Might make some modifications to the Holga  3150427145_77ea2178f5

and get some really neat jagged edges shots. I just want to try something new and get back into doing what I love. Being able to get away and shoot takes a lot of pressure of my daily routines. Life can be tricky, you need to walk away every once in awhile and try to evaluate what is most important. I definitely need to do that more often.

Looks like it might rain today, so I better be going. Would love to see the sun come out sometime today.

The Time Has Come?

img_0014My time has come to an end with Carteret Community College. I have been working for the faculty for almost a year now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have learned so much and made so many new friends. It was an awesome experience to work for and learn from the best. I can only hope that what I have learned will help me in the future as I become a teacher myself. I’m definitely not saying goodbye but moving on hopefully being able to start a new adventure. I’m still attending school but I will no longer be working there, for now.

The girls first communion is this Sunday. It will be a great ceremony for everyone.8_up_first_communion_keepsake_sacred-boyI’m very proud of them and myself for coming this far and opening our hearts to God. It is a amazing feeling and I couldn’t ask for anything else. Life truly is in His hands and what ever path He chooses I’m willing to follow. Life is what you make it and you have to take the bad with the good to really truly live. It seems to me that too many people miss out on the major things in life because they are scared to take a chance. Taking chances is all part of life and it would be boring without them. My life is going fairly well, and I’m on a good path for myself. Everything is falling into place, and I hope that it continues to improve as time goes on. We will see, I can only do the best I can with what I got and hope that that is enough. Choosing the right path is not always easy to do, but giving up is not an option for me either.

I have found some pictures of my (brothers) dog Diezel the other day. I find myself wondering how he is and what he is doing. I do miss him but I think honestly I would rather not know and just hold onto the memories that I do have. 02790025

I’m going to have a couple of months off so I plan on going to the beach and the gym. Get back into shape and start feeling better about myself. Also going back home in June, by the way my other brother Charles is going to be a new daddy. So we all have to get a family picture before we all go off to other sides of the world. (Timmy, Seattle), (Diane, Arkansas), (Me, NC), (Charlie, NC for now).. So… I’m excited, it’s been awhile. The girls will be with there grandma and grandpa for a couple of weeks in June than it’s off to see there dad. Anyway, going to try to go fishing tomorrow, found a neat place nice and quite. img_0060