The Year is now 2017

So, where to begin. Lets see, the last time I updated my Blog it had been over a year since my dad had passed. Life as I knew it then, was at a slow but steady pace. It is now 2017, and I have no idea where 2016 went, and again I find myself looking back at what I have accomplished, prevailed, struggled through and so on. It will be two years in March since my dad has passed away, and I think about him everyday, even if it is for a the briefest of moments. Ok, so let me take you through 2016 up to this point, quick fast and in a hurry.

My oldest, graduated high school, and was accepted to Johnson and Wales Culinary Arts in Charlotte, where she and her boyfriend are living now.



I’m very proud of her and the young woman she has become.For her graduation and 18th birthday gift, I took her to Ireland for 10 days. It was an amazing trip and something I will never forget.

My youngest turned 16 and now is driving and is holding down a part-time job and school with no problems. I took her to see Justin Bieber  in June and she loved it, and I must say he did put on a great show. She is growing up way to fast and will be graduating next year. So now I have to plan for her graduation and birthday gift as well. We all planned on getting our trifecta this year but Julia and Deiondre missed the Spartan Super, this year to complete it. Me and Michelle drove to Florida, and completed my 2nd Trifecta and her very first. I am so proud of all them,last years races were brutal needless to say. I’m looking  forward to this year and many more races to come.

I completed another Stranded/Urban Struggle, with Outside The Box Fitness. This was a huge accomplishment for me. We rucked throughout Wilmington, for 18 hours straight, with weighted rucksack and all for a great cause. We ended the day at the local food bank and donated canned food,  and socks. It was a struggle but I completed it, and look forward to doing it again this year.

I became an aunt again for the 9th time (I think) hard to keep track these days.. Life has a funny way of working out and I must say I have no regrets and I’m not perfect by no means. This past year has been amazing, and disappointing all at the same time. People come and go in life and you can never really plan, or prepare yourself for it. It all happens for a reason, good or bad, happy or sad. With that being said, I will say that love is very tricky and completely out of your control. I was in a relationship with someone who I can truly say I loved. He was there when I needed him, and vice versa. But I needed more than what he could provide. He will always have a place in my heart, that’s just how I am. Like I said before I have no regrets, life has a way of working out and giving you some unexpected joys.


I am now in a relationship that I have been longing for quite some time. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this kind of connection with anyone. We argue, we pick on each other, I get jealous (a lot, “not perfect”), he wants to include me in his life and I him, and he tells me every single day that he loves me. We never go a day without talking, hugging one another, laughing, texting good mornings, I love you, have a great day, I miss you, and all other little things that mean so much to me.

He came into my life at the right moment and very unexpectedly. I never even seen it coming and at first it kinda scared me. I’m very happy with how 2016 has turned out and I hope that this year will be full of great new adventures. My kids are doing great, family is holding on tight, and staying strong. I plan on getting back into shape, getting stronger, and competing in more races with my whole family.

My goal is to keep up with this blog, and post at least once every month. So take care, and until next time, here are a few more pics of the past year, to include Hurricane Matthew and much more.



Instagram it UP!!!


I have been using instagram now for almost a month and still loving it. It’s amazing what you can do with this app. I have a new-found project in hand and in time, I’m hoping to set up a show for this new work. These prints are indeed something to see, and I know that I will continue to make them. There is something about finding that one moment and freezing it in time.  No matter how you look at life, it eventually ends and to have a piece of it to hang on to or even pass down from one generation to the next is extraordinary. And now I’m putting them on canvas and in Floating Frames, even more spectacular I think. Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.10.44 PMSo with that being said I’m going to continue on, and hopefully within the next few months I can add an invitation to my Instagram it UP show soon..  Take care and God Bless.


All Work and Very Little Play!!

It is 4:19 on a Sunday afternoon. My weekend off is over come tomorrow morning and it seemed to go by way to fast. I try to do as much as possible on my time off with my kids, even though they may have other plans. I have another long weekend ahead and I’m already not looking forward to it. I really like my job and I get a good amount of time off, it just doesn’t seem that way at times. My me time has dwindled because I squeeze every amount of time for my kids and of course other motherly duties. Being a single parent with two teenagers, I might as well say, is really unproductive most of the times. We had a good weekend, all in all. I went out Friday night to Church Street Inn & Pub  while the girls were at Young Marines. It was a quick breath of fresh air then back home to a busy house. Saturday was filled with window shopping, buying a new battery for my car, which was not planed at all, and food sampling at Sams Club which is always fun. Saturday night was the candle light walk in downtown Swansboro which is really nice, especially if you have someone to share it with. Scearce and Ketner played and as always brought a huge crowd that left wanting more, including myself.  The girls had fun and it was nice to hang out with them besides hanging out at the house all the time. So with that being said, I’m catching up on things I could not squeeze in, and getting my gear ready for work tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow will go by fast and without all the drama that it brings more often than not. So I leave you with some pictures of Saturday night and all the fun that S&K Bring….  I just can’t get enough of them.. LOL  🙂

🙂  🙂

Crossing My Fingers..

Well I have passed my Detention Officer Physical Agility test, and turned in my completed application as of last Thursday. I went through fingerprinting and the photographing process of the application as well. I received a phone call on Friday that I have to come in for the second part of the application process on Monday for some informal questioning… :-0  Not sure what that is all about, but I can say that I’m honestly nervous. With that being said I’m confident about going in there and answering everything truthfully and to the best of my ability. I can only hope that I will do well enough to move on to the next phase. I have been training for my part-time job as a postal carrier as well and I will probably start this Tuesday, hopefully I can drive my car from the LEFT side.. Both of my girls are doing very well in school. Michelle just participated in a talent show at school and she was one of 32 chosen out of 76 who tried out. She did an amazing job at singing Jar of Hearts, I was so very proud. Julia is on her way to the 8th grade and still loving school and orchestra classes. Spring break is around the corner and I have already paid for us to go to Raeford for some indoor skydiving time. This should be awesome for the three of us. All in all my life has made a much-needed transition. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get this job so I can better provide for my girls and maybe get us out of this small duplex and into a bigger place for them to actually grow up in. I love it here in Swansboro and I don’t  foresee myself living any place else, well at least until my girls graduate anyway.. I’ll keep everyone posted as to my up and coming job adventures.. Until next time……….. Take Care

2009 is here!!!!!!!!!


Swansboro NC Sunset.

2009 is here! I hope everyone had a safe and eventful New Year. I picked up my girls Wednesday night and we brought in the new year by playing guitar hero, games and reading until 12 rolled around. We all crawled into bed after that and slept in the following morning. I would like to say that it is nice to have them home, it felt so empty without them here. We have a couple of packages to pick up tomorrow and that will be it for the gifts. The Christmas tree will come down this weekend and will be put away until December. 2008 has come and gone, now we look to a new year and hope for the best. There were many great things that this past year has brought. I graduated and now working on getting by Bachelors. My little brother has a little girl who by the way shares Julia’s birthday. My next to youngest brother Charlie has a great job and has a steady relationship that is going very well. My sister just got engaged and is very excited, she deserves to be happy. My family is doing well and I wish them the very best in this new year. My nephew and his wife just had a little girl right before the new year, so congrats to them. AS For me.. I look to 2009 for a new start on things. I have been blessed with so many things, that 2008 has not been all that bad, considering the circumstances.


I sit here this morning waiting for my coffee to finish up, thinking about the days ahead. Work starts on Monday, I have to search for another part time job, which is a lot harder than I had presumed it to be. I will be starting all my applications for school trying to get everything in motion to see where I will be when fall rolls in. My views has changed somewhat with what I want to do and what I need to do. Not because I’ve changed my mind but because this is the most economical and sensible route to take. I love photography and everything about it, so with that said my mind is still set on getting a Masters but how I get there will be a rough road.


Happy New Year To All!!!!