Four More Days Till Graduation!!!!!!

I have exactly four more days until my state exam and graduation on Thursday. I am ready to get this over with but, I have been spoiled with having weekends off. I graduate Thursday then back to reality and work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’m trying to get Friday off but not sure how that is going to work. I have been thinking quite a bit about my future lately. I have exactly six years before both of my kids are out of school and hopefully in college and on their own. So now I am wondering do I stay here, or do I move on. Six years is not a long time if you really think about it. I’m keeping my options open, and taking each day as it comes. I am now 34 years old, have two awesome young ladies, and a great job. My life is going in the right direction and I hope it gets better from here. Of course my personal life isn’t that exciting but oh well, when it happens, it happens I guess. I think I might hit the beach later and then start packing and settling in for the nigh. So here are some more photos of my DOCC nightly excursions in Wilmington NC.

One Tree Hill Filming in Town

Two more weeks!!

Well another weekend has gone by. I’m down to two weeks then it’s back to the daily grind. I graduate on August 4th then turn around and work that whole weekend. The more time I spend in Wilimington the more I wish I could stay, but my kids are here and I have other priorities to attend too. Who knows what will happen in the future though, I’m keeping my prospects open. I’m packing up and getting ready to head back out tomorrow morning. I’m going to make an attempt to stay out and photograph the night life if I have any energy left after class. It’s been a very hectic few weeks and I know that it’s not about to slow down. My birthday is this weekend, wow can’t believe anohter year has flown by. I’m planning on coming back Friday night and spending it with some good friends, stay Saturday and pack up and head back into Wilimington for the last week. I’m going to get a hotel Sunday night and hang out on my own and head into class Monday morning. Well that is the plan anyway. I think I might take a quick nap than finish packing, so here are a few shots from my past week.

Mugsy’s Pub

Fat Tony’s

Front Street Veiw


A Quick Weekend Fly By!!!!

Well I came home Friday night and it is now Sunday morning. The weekend has flown by and I’m packing and getting ready to leave for New Hanover again tomorrow morning. Scearce & Ketner will be playing tonight in downtown Swansboro so I will definitely be there for that one. I will be back into Wilmington by 8am and ready for class then some great dinner out on the town Monday night. . DOCC School isn’t so bad, I feel like I’m back in boot camp in a way. The accommodations are just like open squad bays with lockers and bunks.

Lights stay on all night and drive me insane but I have a remedy for that one this week. There is a lot of testing and PT throughout the week and it’s nice to be 8 miles from downtown Wilmington. Their facility is amazing, and how it is ran is beyond compare.  I can’t wait to get into our new facility and be able to run things as smoothly as possible.

Well I’m off to pack and get some running around done before tomorrow. So here are some pics of last weeks adventures..












Off to DOC School!!!!

Well I’m off to Detention Officer Certification Course  in Wilmington for 3 1/2 weeks. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and driving down to New Hanover Detention Center. I’m sure we will have a full day of class through Friday then I’m back home to sleep in my own bed for the weekend. We do it again for 3 1/2 weeks. Apparently we are staying in the weekends barracks, which are from what I was told like open squad bays. That is definitely going to take back to my Marine Corps days. Classes will be all day but we get the nights and weekends off. So looking forward to that. I know there will be a lot of studying but it shouldn’t be that bad. I just finished up a semester of Criminal Justice work so it should all come back to me, (I would hope).

Since I’m going to be in Wilmington for a while, I’m going to try to grab some free time here and there and take some pics around town, especially at night. Who knows, might be so hectic that we are confined with our head in the books all week. Always something different to look forward too. My life is challenging at the moment but I’m on the right path, now all I need is someone to share it with. 🙂

July 4th Weekend!!

Well my weekend is coming to an end. I have to work tomorrow but hope to be out before the fireworks kick off. I may not be able to party as much as some but that’s ok with me. The weekend was great, time spent with some great friends and some great excursions to say the least. Friday started with a night out on the town.  We hit the yacht club for a few hours then off to the Emerald Club for some Scearce & Ketner. As always they were the highlight of the evening, and always fun to go see. The night was eventful, full of many wild characters and other not so interesting people but fun none the less. I think this is going to my club to go to when I’m feeling froggy! 🙂



Saturday was filled with water, boats, and fun in the sun. Me and my BFF (Laura) left Beaufort for a short jaunt to Cape Lookout Lighthouse. It was a great day, great weather, for the trip. Although when we got back we found out we had been hit with parking violations. How in the world do they now how long we were parked there when there is no parking meters? I was so angry but got over it and we laughed it off, now if it was more than $20 I would really have had a problem with it. All in all it was fun while it lasted. The girls are doing good, and will be back home in August. So my plan for when they get back will be to take them to Busch Gardens for a weekend. I can’t wait, they are both taller then me so they can go on any ride that it has to offer. Would like to take someone else with us but……. that’s a whole story all in itself.

Anyway here are some more pictures of my weekend.