Life, love, loss…….

Life…These past couple of weekends have been pretty rough needless to say. Financially I struggle with the basic things in life and the way gas prices are doesn’t help matters much. My baby brother is a proud father, and I hope that this makes him realize all the responsibilities that is needed of him.

My kids are keeping me pretty busy and that kind of slows down my personal life. But hey they are my life and we are a packaged deal.      Love… I can say that I have a great person who understands that and that is all that matters right now. We both have our families to take care of and I think because of the similar situations that we are in makes us understand each other better. 

I’m happy with the way my life has evolved and it can only get better in time. I’m not saying that everything has been perfect, I have made my mistakes and probably will make more that’s life, it’s just how I overcome them and learn from them is the key. 

Loss…As of right now though I am struggling with the fact that I have to get rid of one of my dogs (my brothers dog). I have become attached and that makes it much more harder to do.  He is a wonderful and loving animal. Very faithful and protective of me and my girls. He needs a lot more attention though than I can give. His previous owner I do believe gave him too much and now he is constantly aware of being alone. He is a big baby and will follow you wherever you go, sleep with you and be by your side at all times. He has never given me any reason to let him go. But with my finances and living space and my time, it’s just too much and I’m going to have face the facts. I have been doing some research and I have no time to put out flyers and see who is fit to take him. So… I have decided to take him to a shelter, where he can be adopted out. I have looked at a couple of places and have narrowed it down. I know this is better for him, they make sure that they fit the animal with the right family and that is all that matters. I will be filling out a card so if it does come down to the wire and he is not adopted yet I will pick him up. I can’t have him put down and have that on my conscience. Me and my big heart might not let him go, we will see.

Well it’s Saturday morning and I’m about done with this weeks blog. I’m going to start some breakfast and get the kids in gear. Not sure on the outcome of today will be, hoping for some fun and relaxation, who knows what today will bring. Until next time Take Care and Keep Smiling 🙂

Saturday…..  Was fun, we went out to the beach for a little while. The beach was bare, few people out and about, a lot of fisherman though. We had a good time, it might be the last time we make it out for the season, it should be getting cooler soon. I love the beach when there is no one around, especially in the mornings on a cool day. No noise, or bugs just you and the water. Julia and Michelle were excited, and it was nice to get out of the house, not much to do when you have limits. I guess you have to take what you can get and make the best of it……… 

Past two Weekends…..

The past two weekends have been pretty hectic. First there was Kim’s wedding, which by the way was beautiful and the setting was perfect. It was a great wedding and the bride was glowing..

 Everyone had a great time and the day wound down and we were off once again to yet another pre-wedding shindig. Where we had a great time as well and ended the night early. 


This weekend I spent taking care of my baby brother. He is now a proud father of a 7lb 10.8 oz 17 inch baby girl. Oh, and I’m an Aunt again…. He has been in a bit of trouble the past couple of months and now he is on his way to Washington to be with his fiance and baby girl. I know that this will be the turning point for him, being able to hold his girl will be the most exhilarating thing he will ever do. So this past weekend I spent as much time with him as I could and then sent him on his way this morning. Me and my other brother said our goodbyes and sent him on his way, hopefully a new man.

It was nice to be able to spend some time with him.. Julia’s b-day was yesterday and we had an outdoor movie night, roasted marsh-mellow and hot-dogs, had cake and ice-cream and enjoyed each others’ company while we could. I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow , feels like I have been gone for way too long. I guess that means I actually enjoy what I do. I hope that everyone has been blessed with the great friendships that I have been offered with, knowing that I have many is soothing and refreshing. Even though my family may be on the west coast they are in my heart and will always be. 

“The most important things in life are your friends, family, health, good humor and a positive attitude towards life. If you have these then you have everything!” 

Aching for the Beach…

I woke up this morning to let my dogs out and make some coffee and found this outside my back door.

I was in a state of awe, wanting so desperately to be on the beach drinking coffee and watching the sunrise. I have done it before, all alone no kids, dogs, cell phones ect, it was so peaceful and relaxing. I ache for mornings like this and here in the next couple of weeks if Bear Island’s ferry is still running I will plan a weekend just to get away. This year is flying by and soon it will be cold and I will want to just stay inside and stay warm..

New Photography Series in the works….

I’m lying in bed just thinking about two new series that I am putting together. I’m really excited to get started and to go out and shoot and capture the essence of my new idea. Which by the way just hit me while I was driving down the road yesterday. One series is something that I have had already and I’m just building off of it and hopefully here in the next month I can get a showing in New Bern at the Bank of the Arts.

The other series, the one that just hit me while driving is actually going to be my third portfolio, second if you want to call it fine art. I’m not going to go into detail, I’m trying to keep it a secret until I can get some work prints finished and I can post them for some opinions. So with that said and that it is almost 11pm I guess I should sign off for now… Keep checking in, by next week I should hopefully have some work to show…. 🙂

Huricane Hanna…..

The weather broke today just enough for us to get out and take a stroll out at Bouge Pier this evening. It was actually beautiful, and the waves were outrageous. The surfers were feeding off the waves and some could not take the time to reach them my the shore so they just jumped from the pier 

Julia and Michelle were amazed at the sight of these guys jumping into the water. They would time it right, just  as one wave would go by, off they went. 

  I think I’ve said it before but this is my favorite place to go, to sit and just think about the day and all the blessings that I have in my life. 

 My life is finally on track and though I may struggle with some issues I can say that they aren’t half as bad as some. With these hurricanes barreling down on us it makes me wonder how this world is so imperfect, and how much I have to be thankful for. I’m looking forward to what ever life may bring. 

Summer is Over!!!!!

          Summer is officially over and fall is creeping it’s way in. Although I’m partial to summer the coolness of the fall air is so inviting. I’m looking forward to wrapping myself up in a blanket on the beach and watch a sunset or two while drinking some wine and relax while  taking it all in and think of a summer that seemed to go on forever. Or maybe get a beach house for a weekend, I think the best time is in the off season, it’s not crowded and it’s not hot. It’s cheaper too, which is always nice given the fact that the gas prices are bleeding me dry.. Julia’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, she will be ten (scary thought). Her grandparents are thinking of coming out.. to pick up their uncle and visit while they are here. That will make her day. This year is almost over and I have no idea where it has gone. I sit back and think what in the world did I do. I’m seriously thinking of the future and trying to lay out my plans. If you think about it though plans change day by day, but if I can set some goals and reach them than no matter how slowly it goes it should all work out.

Would like to try and take a run up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, maybe do some camping

and fishing (looks like a good place to swim)  one weekend before it gets too cold.  It is so beautiful when the leaves start to change. I could also possibly just go to Bear Island not too many trees just sand but beautiful none the less. I also want to do some shooting, I really haven’t devoted some real personal time to my photography, and I think that if I can just get out and have the time to actually look, see and feel I can be me. Have to make plans for the girls to go see their dad for Christmas, I promised him he could have them this year since he was gone last year. So I have to figure out what I’m going to do when they head out. Not quite sure on that one, definitely have to start saving some $$$$$ though. So that is what’s going on now.. Trying to take day by day, survive the oncoming hurricanes that are on their way in and be happy as much as possible. 🙂