It has been awhile sense my last post and life has a unique way of showing its true colors. Things can happen in an instant and yet it seems that it takes forever to happen. With every day that passes, I catch myself wondering how on earth did I make it this far. I find myself saying thank you more than usual and feeling blessed and at times overwhelmed with the since of accomplishment. I am blessed with the family that I have and the connection we have no matter what happens, we have each other no matter what. I am blessed with two beautiful young ladies that are growing up so fast. IMG_20140829_184732

I can hardly keep track of each day that passes and the independent women they are becoming. Life just has a way of working itself out, being persistent and patient helps. I am very blessed to have a great man in my life once again. We have known each other for a long time, and even though we went our separate ways at one point and time, we now have found our way back to each other and I’m holding on as long as I can. Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 8.37.37 PM

My job is still in motion, each day is a challenge. People come and go, leadership fails and triumphs at the same time. Changes are inevitable and I hope that it will be for the good and we will see stability and strength in one team instead of one side versus the other.Crossfit is going well, I’m growing stronger everyday. I’m still a work in progress, but the friendships that are evolved out of building this strength is overpowering. I feel good about myself again, and working hard to keep this side of me going.

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We are still going strong with Mudruns, Spartan Races, Rugged Maniac, and Color Runs.  Next year will be filled with all of these and more, looking forward to a great year of personal records, accomplishments, promotions and more. Here is to 2015, may it be filled with excitement, surprises, and more.