Almost There…

Well, this semester is coming to an end. I am eagerly awaiting for some time away from this computer. In fact this past couple days have been slow but productive. I took the girls to the airport Saturday morning so they can spend turkey day with their dad.

I then made my way down to Wilmington for some down time, even if it was only for a day. Of course, beer, friends, and great food as always. I returned Sunday afternoon and prepared a stew and quickly settled in for the day. The Broncos lost yet another game and I’m finding myself on the Verge of giving up on them. Needless to say they are not doing so hot, but I can never give up on my Broncos no matter how bad they do.


I had a great day on Monday, spent some down time with a great friend. Took a stroll on the beach and ended the night with movies, food, and good wine. All in all I would say that I’m doing pretty good. Even though the economy sucks and I’m struggling with the day-to-day routines, I have some great friends and life is good. I forsee it getting better so that is a blessing all in its self. You have to learn to take life one day at a time, keep things simple, and except things you can not change.







I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and try not to eat too much…. 🙂


Oh.. Here is my new home…. yeah on a good day.. Maybe when I retire in……………how many years.. uggghh. Long way to go.

Letting Go….


A friend of mine passed away this morning. He has been struggling over a year from a motorcycle accident and was on his way to recovery when things got worse. He was a very special person and he was a good friend. He will be deeply missed.


Going to the PUB, to say farewell.

Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.
Author Unknown

Love You……..

Tired of being Tired….


Soooo Tired

This past week and the weeks to come have been and will be extremely busy. I have been working on my clinical Practicums for Elementary Education, going back and forth to the dentist, school work, and house work. Halloween is over and now I await for Thanksgiving. The girls will be leaving on the 21 to see their dad. I’m not sure if I have to pick them up on the 27th or the 29th, that part is up in the air. Either way I will have a couple of days to relax without all the noise. I will be headed down to Wilmington on the day I drop them off at the airport, will definitely hit some pubs, good food, and maybe walk down by the waterfront if it’s not too cold. I also have to set up another date for my Praxis I test, cross my fingers I pass this time around. Needless to say, if I can find time for myself within the next two weeks, it will be a miracle.

Well here are a few pictures from Halloween and Julia’s first Orchestra concert…. I have to get back to the books…






So Michelle took some pictures of the concert and she wanted me to post some of them.. Here are a few.jewslpract