“Patience is a Virtue”

When I was in the 8th grade my parents were in a horrific motorcycle accident. I thank God each day that they survived. When I was going through this tough time in my life, I had a teacher that gave me a stepping stone for the future. He told me that “Patience is a Virtue” and although I didn’t understand it then, I do now. If there is anything in this world that you want the most, it’s worth being patient for. It is also worth fighting for. This week was filled with multiple tasks that some I have yet to finish.

My semester has come into full swing with lesson plans, lesson objectives, diversified projects, teaching practicums, observations, ect.. On Monday I’m teaching my very first lesson plan, in Math. 🙂 It’s for the third grade so it can’t be that bad. All these lesson plans are driving me insane though. I know they are necessary and useful but come on, can’t they be just a bit shorter.

But as I was saying before, if you want something bad enough you need to be patient and strong. I want to become a teacher, and succeed at it. So if doing this and going insane in the process works then, I’ll be patient and still complain now and then.

I think that goes for anything that you want out of life. Life comes with its strange and unusual twists and turns. It’s not about how many of them you have it’s how many of them you can make it through.

This weekend is Valentines Day. In earlier years this day really didn’t mean much too me at all. It was just a weekend filled with couples holding hands, going out to dinner, movies, candy, balloons, and flowers… Ugggghhhh

Now I find myself wanting these things and more. I want to make that extra effort to see him smile, or just to see him at all. And this is where my road leads yet again, straight to patience. If you want something bad enough you have to be patient and, fight for it when it becomes necessary. Never thought I would want something as bad a this.. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some great people in my life and I have no regrets because they made me who am today. This is different, “VERY COMPLICATED” but different. I will keep trying and be as patient as possible.

Here is my favorite love letter from Ludwig van Beethoven:

I must close, so that you may receive the letter immediately. Be calm; for only by calmly considering our lives can we achieve our purpose to live together – be calm – love me – Today – yesterday – what tearful longing for you – for you – you – my life – my all – all good wishes to you – Oh, do continue to love me – never misjudge your lovers most faithful heart.
ever yours
ever mine
ever ours

🙂 🙂