The first month of 2010 is almost over. Although it has been one emotional roller coaster ride I have found some time in between the chaos to explore my passion for photography. By doing this, my mind is at ease and I can think about taking photographs and not my hectic life. I’m not going to sit here and write about how life just sucks sometimes and you can’t explain why things happen. I can say that I have met someone very special who by just smiling at me, makes me feel ten times better. . So with that being said all I’m going to do now is post some of my favorite shots that I have taken. I hope that I can continue to make time for me and time to get out of the house. You can check out more of these photos in “Fine Art”.

The Sun will Set for You

I received some bad news yesterday morning. My grandfather passed away after a long battle with many health related issues. This man lived a life full of struggles and triumphs. He was nothing more than a big teddy bear with a bit of attitude on the side. His wife, my Nana, was his life and she took care of him every step of the way until the end. Their marriage was not perfect by no means, but it stood the test of time and they never stopped loving each other. I was fortunate to see my grandfather last summer and to hang out and laugh like we used too. I remember spending my last summer with him and nana  before I went into the Marine Corps. It is one of the best summers that I will never forget. He knew how to make you laugh, even if it was at his corny jokes. He also knew exactly how to push your buttons just to get you going. I talked to him on Christmas day and he was his old self, laughing and enjoying the big meal and family and friends.

My mom and dad are in Denver now and will be saying goodbye this Sunday, as for us grandkids, we will be planning a big get together in Denver in a couple of months. It will be more or less a time spent with Nana to look back and remember the life he lived. He will be deeply missed and always loved.

I love you Grandpa!!!!!!!!!