Sleeping the Day Away.

I woke up at 1:33 today after getting in  around 8am this morning, coming off the night shift is hard too say the least. It was a very busy night so I was on my feet pretty much the whole time. By 7am I was ready to go and by 8 am I was in bed. I still feel like I could sleep another couple of hours, I just might do that. I work again tonight and then Sunday night. Off Monday but back in on my day off for in service training, yet another 12 hour shift. Needless to say I am working quite a bit and the summer seems to be flying by. I want to get out to Ocracoke one of these days and hang out on the beach and enjoy the scenery but it’s hard to plan for that right now. My best friend of 4 years is leaving soon so I need to get up with her before she heads out on a new adventure. So I think we are going to go on the Cape Lookout Cruise,  that sails out of Beaufort sometime next weekend. It should be awesome and I can’t wait. Should be a fun weekend non the less. I’m hoping to get back down to Wilmington also, love it down there. It has a uniqueness all to its own, and of course with the right company is even better. So here is to next weekend, and hopefully I make it that far. Girls are doing good, they are staying busy with their dad and are due back home on August 20th. Hopefully they make it back in time for orientation and all that extra school stuff. I’m sure they are ready to go back very soon.. 🙂  I do miss them, but them being gone gives me some much-needed me time. It’s hard to get out and about with my crazy work schedule but, in order to play hard you have to work hard as well. My life seems to be perking up and I look forward to what the future might hold. Not sure on where it is going to take me but I’m willing to give it a try and put every effort into making anything work. That includes my personal life as well, which is a work in progress right now. LOL. But like I said, EVERY EFFORT to make it work.

Got to get something to eat. Until next time. 🙂

A Friday Night in Wilmington!

Well lets just say that I had the best time last night in Wilmington. It has been a very long time since I have stayed out-of-town, and it was very much-needed.  I headed down there yesterday afternoon after a long day with car issues. I finally got them situated and made it into town and checked into a hotel. I spent a couple of hours resting up and getting ready to hit the town. Took a cab and the first stop was Front Street Brewery for some pulled chicken nachos (my favorite) and a couple of much-needed beers. I headed down to the water front afterwards and found a huge crowd of people and live music packing the waterfront. I’m not sure who was playing, but they were pretty good and the weather and atmosphere was perfect.

I hit Slainte Pub for one last beer before heading to Carolina Beach with a special friend of mine who showed me some really interesting places to hang out at. All in all I had a wonderful time and look forward to many more to come. I love my life, it has been a long and rough road to get where I’m at today. I can only hope it gets so much better from here. I thank the Lord above for my new job, friends, and my family. Life is what you make of it, you have to go through some rough patches to get to where you are going. Once there, live it, love it, and laugh the whole way through. 🙂

Bring Music Back to Church St. Pub!!!

I recently found out that Church St. Pub will no longer have Saturday night music. This came as a shock to me and to many others as well. Live music has been a big part of the pub long before this new Inn was put in place. Having live music is a key element to bringing in more customers and returning customers as well. Even though the pub now has a few new rooms for patrons to stay shouldn’t mean music is no longer allowed. Swansboro is a great little town to stay in and mingle with friends and family. It’s not like the pub stays open till 2a.m, and has loud and unruly customers. It’s completely opposite of that, in that it closes at 10pm on Friday & Saturday nights. So if you have to go to bed at 9pm and have absolute silence, well in my opinion, Stay HOME!. Theses type of people have now taken away something special from the pub that I and many people looked forward to. This can be changed if we get together and do something about it. I myself will probably not be going to the pub on Saturday’s anymore and will find music someplace else until further notice. As for the many others, I hope they do the same. Please express your desire to bring back music to Church Street when you make your way to downtown Swansboro.


Working, working, working!!!

I have absolutely no complaints about working these days. I thank the Lord that I have a job that allows me to do what I really truly enjoy doing. It also allows me to have enough time in between to be with my kids until this summer. June is here and the girls will be leaving in about a week for their dads’. I have had this weekend off since coming off my night shift, but I start day shift tomorrow and will most likely be moving to a different squad possibly by the end of the week. I really like the squad I’m on now but as the transition is made to the new facility each squad needs a certain amount of people and this will assure that that happens. Yesterday was filled with BBQ parties with lots of food and friends. Some friends of mine held a BBQ fundraiser with lots of food and Scearce & Ketner for entertainment. They are always a joy to listen to. The girls were able to check out the new jail that I will be working in soon and they had a great time in doing so. Although I was very tempted to leave them there. LOL Their new home!