Childhood Memories…..

I’m finding myself recalling memories from my childhood lately. I’ve been reading some stories from others and they take me back to when I was a kid. So I thought that this would be pretty cool to share and for me to bring up some really funny days.

The Bear

I have been recalling some of my childhood times living in the backwoods of Arkansas. I think that if people seen where I grew up it would be exactly like a scene out of Deliverance (with out the drama).
I was recalling one of my memories from living in Winslow, down in a hole I would like to call it.. We lived in a trailer and it was me my sister, mom & dad,  with my cousins and my Uncle who lived in the shed which is another story. It was one of those  weekends and it was hotter than ever. Me and my sister were building a fort out in the backyard and we had put our sleeping bags in it to spend the night out. Well the Ozarks are well known for black bears and we had no idea what our night was headed for.  We sat down to eat dinner and my dad well he was your basic woodsman, (back then) and he had snakes in the freezer and snake skins on the wall and rifles and guns ect… you get the picture.
After dinner me and my sister made our way out back and was getting into our make shift camp, when we heard a sound coming from the woods. As kids you know when you here something out of the ordinary, so we stood still listening…. We heard it again, and of course by that time we were running in the house scared to death. Dad being the man that he was back then, grabbed his rifle and flash light and headed out back. Me, my sister and mom were staring out the back window as dad made his way around. We had no idea what it could have been, mom said it probably was an armadillo or a skunk which was also a very prominent animal in the sticks. So as dad went around the corner of the trailer he shined the flash light up the mountain into the woods. We watched, scared and curious, I would say about hundred ft up in the woods was these two glowing eyes, it was a black bear.the-bear_html_5cb2548e

All of a sudden it came at my dad, running down the mountain. So dad took off back around the trailer and the bear stopped in it’s tracks and went back up the hill. Dad again went around back and shined the light up the mountain. Again the bear took off down the hill and dad ran back around to the front. This happened a couple of more time and as it happened all we could do was laugh and freak out at the same time. Eventually the bear left and dad came back into the house. Let’s just say we didn’t have a night out in our newly made tent.

2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories…..

  1. Diane says:

    I remeber that night like it was yesterday!! Good times, Good times!!

  2. julia6234 says:

    That’s kinda funny!!! 😀 hahahahah

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