Family Time

Well, my mom and my grandmother came to visit for a while last week. It was great to see them both, and we had so much fun. We went to the beach, Fort Macon, Hammocks Beach State Park, and of course  Church Street Pub. I hope that I can try to squeeze in a visit with all my family at least once a year. My job keeps me pretty busy and my time is limited but there is always hope. The weekend is pretty much over and Monday is coming fast. I find myself working for the weekends now, hoping for a quick turn around to Friday. The girls have their Young Marine Encampment this coming weekend so I’m thinking about going camping before it gets cold, most likely Flanners Beach. It’s pet friendly and close to where the girls will be just in case something happens and I have to be there to get them.  Had a great time at the Pub last night. Celebrated a birthday and listened to some great music. Alway fun at the Pub…

I’m trying to get back into shooting again. I need to buy myself a digital SLR though, had to sell mine awhile back. I have been shooting film and sending it off to get developed, which I could do myself if I had the equipment. I have no space much less the money or time to put into making a darkroom, so I have to send it off for right now. So for the time being, film is what I’m shooting. I always get excited when I get the negatives back though, it’s like getting a birthday present and not knowing what you are going to get. Well I better get to cleaing this house of mine before this evening rolls in. I’m taking girls to see Scearce & Ketner tonight at the Pavillion in Swansboro. This is the last outdoor concert of the season, should be fun.