October Already!

It’s October already. Where did this year go. It seems as though I have missed out on the whole year, not knowing what in the world I have done with it. Working an 8-5 job M-F seems to make the year fly by faster than normal. I must admit I do miss my three-day weekends, every other weekend that is, but I do love coming home to my kids in the evenings and having every weekend and holidays with them. Although I have much more responsiblity and the weekends seem much shorter, I am blessed with a great job and great co-workers who have my back no matter what.  I have been shooting a lot lately, especially with my holga. I’m having a great deal of fun shooting and sending it off, and waiting to see what I get back. Maybe next year, once I settle into my new home (crossing fingers)  I can build my own darkroom and do much more with my photography. One could only hope I guess.

I met the girls at the county fair after work on Wednesday and watched them have fun, while I tagged along behind. The fair really isn’t all that anymore, especially if you aren’t in the mood to ride the rides or spend an outrageous amount of money. But it was fun and the girls enjoyed themselves.

This weekend was the Seafood Festival in Morehead City. It was packed as normal, and full of good food, good music and of course all the different fried sweets you can find. I really didn’t shoot that much because I was constantly on the move, trying to avoid people and being pushed forward, backwards and sideways. So needless to say I will be shooting at the Mullet Festival this weekend. I’m also hoping to buy another Digital SLR, soon I hope.



Crazy People!!!!  WTF! Just Sayn…

Anyway, my weekend is almost over. Watching the Broncos play, horribly I might add. Maybe they will pull it off, maybe. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, think I might watch some Walking Dead here soon. Hell, the zombies might even play better football then the Broncos at this point.