A Waiting Game.

It has been a week tomorrow since my last meeting for the Detention Officer position with the Onslow County sheriffs Department. I know they are still processing my application and now it’s just a waiting game until they call me for the interview and final steps for the job. I’m confident that I will get this job, in the mean time I now have a part-time job as a postal carrier two days a week. I’m still in school full-time and hoping to take a couple of classes this summer to keep myself up to speed with the criminal justice classes. I have been and will be busy now and in the future.  My girls are leaving for

their dads in a couple of months and I am staying home this summer, no trips planned. Hopefully this new life endeavour will keep me busy and I will finally be content in moving forward. I really think with me not having a full-time job has hindered me from really committing to anyone. I wanted to get my life straightened out first and then I could let someone in. Who knows, crossing my fingers that this will be it.  So for right now I sit and wait, going to school, delivering mail, hanging with my girls and hoping for that last phone call.


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