Warmer Weather.

Thank you God for warmer weather today. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I think I better update my fellow bloggers on this life of mine. Well, I have officially paid off my car and it is now mine. It’s a great feeling to not have to make that payment each month.  So I proceeded to look for a motorcycle….yes a motorcycle….. I found a couple of them that was quite reasonable in price but this is the one that I want to get. It is a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250. Same size as my other bike but better body style. I really want to get it, but I sat down and thought it through, and I decided to wait awhile. This is probably a good choice and who knows maybe a yellow one will pop up some where.

So with that being said, I moved on (FOR NOW!!!)  School has been really busy, just completed my first tests and all went well. The girls are finishing up the Young Marines Boot Camp and hopefully will graduate in a couple of weeks. They also have started soccer and they have their first two games this weekend as well. So needless to say I have been running around doing many things all at once. I also have a PT job interview next week that I am so excited about. It’s not my dream job but it is a job and it works great with my schedule. With this warmer weather comes some great memories of past summers. As I sit here thinking about it, I start to miss the many people that have come and go in my life. I can’t help but to think about them and wonder if they are doing well. It’s something that I do from time to time, I guess this is one of those moments.

On top of all that my kids are outgrowing me, Michelle will be moving on to middle school in August and Julia will be in her last year at middle school (8th grade) before going to high school next year. Makes me cringe when I say that, I feel old even though I know I’m not. They are growing up so fast that I cant seem to catch up anymore. They both, are talking about college, cars and of course BOYS….  March is on it’s way here and three more months after that they will be out of school and getting ready for the next big step. As for me, I’m still in limbo but moving along at a good pace. I have more options opening and will gradually get to where I’m going.




I’m still trying to go out every now and again. Even though I stay busy I try to get out at least once a week to show my face. It’s good to get away and relax to. Well I better get going, the kids are getting home and well, mommy duties are at an all time high right now.. Until Next Time

Take Care………..


Another Rainy Day.

Today, just like yesterday has been rainy and cold. I’m laying in bed relaxing while the girls are in the living room listening to the radio and playing a board game, and fighting in the process. Michelle and I are going to church tonight, she has altar server duties and well I’m going just to go. Of course I will be going again tomorrow, I have acolyte duties and a class to teach. I have been extremely busy this past month with my criminal justice classes and of course the girls in the Young Marines and now soccer is starting as well. By the time the weekend gets here I’m either busy doing homework or just plain tired to do anything else. With that being said, I am very happy to be busy, I hate sitting around and having nothing to do.  We went out this morning to the library and of course, not thinking of the weather I parked on my grass to be closer to the door. That was a very bad idea, my neighbor had to push us out because of the mud.. Pretty embarrassing if I do say so myself. It’s already going into the second week of February, amazing how time flies. I hope this weather gets better, I need to catch up on my running. About this time next month I will be putting in my application with the Onslow County Sheriffs Department. Hoping that it will turn in my favor. As of right now, I’m going to school full time, taking care of my kids, and trying to keep my sanity. Well I better be going, have to get up and get ready to go. I’m really looking forward to a relaxing evening. I have a couple of Lagunitas waiting for me in the fridge when I get home and I have one more test to finish up then it’s smooth sailing.