Island of “Death”

Well, needless to say today was a very overwhelming day. Me and the girls took off this morning for a day at Bear Island. We took the ferry over from Hammocks Beach State Park and started our adventure with nothing in hand except my cell phone and a quick lunch. It was a great day, quiet and the weather was great. Bear Island is my favorite place to think, you can lose yourself completely on this island and just breathe. The girls played around in the water, collecting sand dollars and enjoying the day. We came across a few jelly fish that had washed up on the shorelines, which was a common occurrence. As we were making our way toward the end of the island we came across a scene that I can only describe as a battlefield. It was an amazing sight to see, and one that I will never forget. I would estimate maybe close to 1000 or more jelly fish washed ashore. We had a pretty big storm last night so I think this may have been the cause. It was something out of a horror story, maybe Hitchcock!!  The girls were shocked but not too heart-broken. I tried to take as much photos as I could with my “cell phone” before it died. So here is the battlefield of jelly fish, left behind from the storm.



So there are a few shots of the Jelly Fish battlefield. After moving on from this we made our way to the end of the island and trekked our way back. The wind was blowing the sand so hard that when it hit our skin it felt like we were being stung. Both girls even tried to save some minnows that were trapped in a puddle of water, running back and forth throwing them into the sea. It was so funny, but only they could make it look like it was a life or death situation.

The walk back was great, until we came across the last thing either of us would have imagined on the beach. I’m not sure how are when but it was pretty recent. We were walking back and out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the sand that just didn’t look quite right. Of course, I move in for a closer look and all I could hear behind was a low wine from the girls. Me of course tried to make it funny and shouted out “I found Bambi”, which didn’t go over too well. Of course Julia wanted me to wipe off the sand from the fawns face, so I tried as much as I could. It must have died within the last 24 hours because there was no smell, no flies or bugs, it wasn’t bloated “yet”.

So after pulling the girls away from the scene, we continued to walk the beach and make our way back to the ferry. All in all it was great day. I tried to tell the girls that nature has a way with life and that God is in control of everything. There is always a purpose and an out come to everything.  Who knows maybe this fawn was sick, no one will ever know. What a day…….  Next time I go… I’m camping!!!!!!!!