The Mile High City Awaits..

Me and the girls are leaving on Wednesday for Denver. This should be a great getaway from everything that has been going on. I will try to rest my brain and try to put things in order before coming back after Memorial weekend. After this trip I’m headed to Arkansas when the girls go to see their dad this summer. I’m not sure how long I will be in Arkansas. Because of more family issues I may stay awhile.

Here are a few of many places to getaway to while I’m in Denver. I plan on making this little mini trip of mine memorable and full of excitement, under all of the circumstances somehow….

Art museum


Of all the great things Denver has to offer, the greatest may be its ability to serve as a base camp for incredible one-day excursions. Denver offers quick, easy access to the state’s biggest attraction, the Rocky Mountains, where a wealth of national and state parks, national forests and scenic areas fill your senses. Gold rush mountain towns and ski resorts are great places to spend a day shopping, exploring and taking in the amazing scenery. From Denver, your next great adventure is just around the bend or right over the next ridge.

Central City and Black Hawk

Once called the “Richest Square Mile on Earth”, Central City and Black Hawk are two historic old mining towns from the 1870’s that have come alive. Located 34 miles (55km) west of Denver, the two towns offer more than 30 casinos with over 10,000 slot machines, blackjack tables and poker games. And as of July 2, 2009, the stakes in Black Hawk are being raised – betting limits are now $100, craps and roulette tables have been added and casinos will be open around the clock. In other words, a fun mountain town just got a lot more fun. The two cities are also known for having some of the best-preserved Victorian architecture in the West. Other attractions include the Teller House Hotel where President Grant once stayed and the Central City Opera House, which still features an outstanding summer season of opera. There are mine tours, mining museums and several places offering instruction in the fine art of gold panning in streams where a half billion dollars of the coveted, shiny metal was found.

Pikes Peak Country

Pikes Peak Country is located 60 miles (97 km) south of Denver and features more than 40 attractions centered around 14,000-foot (4,267 m) high Pikes Peak. Things to see include the Air Force Academy, one of three United States military colleges; the famous Broadmoor Resort with its lake and three golf courses; the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame with its exhibits on this exciting professional sport; and Garden of the Gods which has gigantic 500-foot (152 m) high red sandstone rock monuments at the base of Pikes Peak.

The Truth If You Can Find It.

With love comes pain. I was taught by the Marine Corps that pain is nothing but a mental state in your mind and that if you look past it you will survive, even under the most excruciating circumstances. I have learned to do that with time but this year I have found myself falling for the mental anguish everyday. I find myself growing weaker to the simplest of pains that everyone goes through day in and day out. My family is getting better and things are looking up for me. With that being said of course one good thing should out weigh the bad right? Wrong, how can someone who you thought cared so deeply about you lie straight to your face. How is this possible? I play the last 7 months in my head and wonder why I didn’t catch it sooner. I guess I wanted to believe so badly that this time was different that this time it just might be real. I may be jumping to conclusions but all the signs were there, everything was there for me to walk away and I didn’t. So in that respect this is my fault for believing. I hope to find out the truth here soon so I can move on and regain what strength I have left. I need to learn how to block out the pain once again and become the person I used to be. The one who held everything together and not the one who falls apart all time. Truth is out there I will find it.!!!!

Family Setback…

My last post stated that my father was being transported to St. Vincent’s hospital in Little Rock. As of today he is still in the hospital and recovering from a heart attack he had on Thursday night. My mother was in his room when he had it. Needless to say it wasn’t good and she herself stressed to the point of no return had a major anxiety attack and is now in the hospital as well. My dad is doing better and both are leaving ICU for a regular room. My mom’s mom made it down and is there now to help with the ongoing situations. As for me, well……… trying not to lose it. As much as I want to be there I can’t take the kids out of school because of EOG’s this month. This is just another setback to add to the list of things this year. I’m not sure what is going on anymore, and if anything else happens I’m headed home.

I’m saying my prayers and can only hope that one day things will turn around……