Walk to Cure Diabetes 2010.

This year, Julia’s Jokers took part in JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes, along with other walkers across the country, as we tried to reach our goal of raising $90 million. It took place in Wilmington at Mayfare Town Center NC. Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes, is a devastating disease that affects millions of people, a large and growing percentage of them children. There is some good news, though. JDRF is our best hope for finding a cure. It funds more type 1 diabetes research than any other charity worldwide  and its making progress along many promising paths toward better treatments and a cure.

It was so much fun and we had a great turn out. It was a bit chilly this morning as we made or way from Swansboro to Wilmington around 7a.m. We had a car full and many more following us out there. It was a fun filled day with food, music from the Craig Woolard band, face painting, pumpkin painting, and more. Of course being out in the sun for half the day I ended up with a sunburn on my face. But all in all it was a great day. Here are a few pics from the event.



I am exhausted, but I think I have enough in me to go to the pub for a much-needed beer. Hope everyone enjoys their Halloween and be safe.. Cheers. 🙂

One of those Days..

I had a quite evening. The girls went over to a friend’s house and I was alone in my quite home. It was refreshing also to wake up too a quite house as well. I love them to death but I to need some time to myself. It has been a crazy and emotional week to say the least. I have my days and yesterday was one of them. I know I’ve said it before but I like being alone (sometimes). It is getting to me more often now, not sure why. I guess it is because the year is winding down and I have no idea where it went. I haven’t accomplished much this year. I can say that I am an aunt once again.

My sister had Jordyn Grace Pippin on the 20th. Weighing in at 6lbs 5oz and 19 inches long. She has a full head of hair and I can’t wait to see her in December. And on a sad note, my brother Charlie and his wife were expecting another little one. They were only 1 month along and she had a miscarriage on Thursday. I was deeply saddened but they are doing good under the circumstances. All of my prayers are with them always.

I’m on a low-calorie diet right now and I have been doing really well. I dropped about 1000 calories per day since last Wednesday. I feel great and I hope to stay on it as long as I can. No junk food, no candy, nothing that I’m used to eating. It’s not easy but I’m getting used to it. No big changes in my life other than my new niece. Nothing on the relationship front, just not ready yet. Although I am pretty lonely, I can’t seem to make that next big step. Well another day, week, and year. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Sunset on another Year!!

Another year is almost in the record books. I can honestly say that I am ready to put 2010 in my rearview mirror. This year has been filled with more heartache, loss and pain that I wish to no longer bear. And even though there has been and still will be good things to come, I still can’t shake the past. January was filled with the death of my grandfather. March my heart ached when I walked away from someone who I thought loved me. April, Papa went through a total heart bypass surgery and was given only 6 months to live. Along with that, my dad was put in the hospital, my parents house burnt down and one of my sisters closes friends passed away. May my dad had a heart attack, my mom an anxiety attack and both were in the hospital along with Papa all at the same time. I felt like following course. My dad’s dad is still kicking but fading with everyday that passes. His mind is going and on occasion asks for his late wife or wakes up thinking he is back on the ship during the war. I hope that my kid will be able to see him this Christmas before he goes. My exes mother, kids grandmother was diagnosed with cancer last month and is in and out of the hospital as I speak.

So needless to say I’m hoping and praying for a much better year ahead. As for now I sit and wait for my new opportunity to improve on my life. Waiting for a response from JPD is drawing near. Within the next week I should hear something. The girls are doing good and we are working on going to Arkansas for Christmas. So I hope that this year will end on a good note. I hope that I can work hard and accomplish what ever is set for me. So let’s let sunset on another year and try to accept the past and move on to the future.


NC Seafood Festival 2010

“Today’s Catch” Artist: Sharon Kearns

Me and the girls hit the Seafood Festival this year with a couple that used to live by us. I knew that the food was going to be pricey so I must admit that I did pretty well. We packed our own food to go, sandwiches, drinks, even hard-boiled eggs. Of course along with our food I bought funnel cakes, fries, shaved ice and a soda or two throughout the day. We got there around 430 and had to park down by the port and shuttle to the festival. All in all it was a good day. The food was good, rides were fun, and the fireworks were much better than the 4th in Swansboro. Here are a few pics from the festival..

Jewls, on the Pirate Ship..

Me, Michelle & Jess

Michelle Freaking Out  LOL!!