The Color Run, Roanoke VA.




This time last weekend we were on the road headed back home from the most amazing 5k I have ever done. The Color Run is one of the most exciting, family oriented fun run, I have been involved in. I started to do some research on this run  last year and committed myself and the girls to going and trying it out. It was a long drive, to and from Roanoke VA, but worth every penny. I had school all week and we left from Jacksonville around 230 in the afternoon on Friday the 14. The drive wasn’t too bad, new scenery and the girls were pretty good. We arrived in Roanoke around 8pm and checked into our hotel which was right across the street from the Civic Center. After the long drive we were pretty hungry and given the fact that we were just 5 minutes from downtown, we decided to go take a look. Roanoke reminded me of Savannah GA, restaurants and pubs all over. Needless to say every place we stopped at was out of our price range so we settled with McDonald’s and took it back to our hotel. We crashed a few hours later just to get up and make it across the street to the Civic Center at about 6am to pick up our race packets.DSC_2915

The race didn’t get underway until 9am, so we walked around taking pictures, dancing, and enjoying some good music. People started to walk in from all sides and before we knew it there was roughly over 4000 + people. It was a very well organized race, lots of fun, and I’m definitely doing it again. This is a great stress reliever,  for anyone. This weekend is nothing more than relaxing and taking it easy. So, here is to another Color Run in September.

Emrace the Color!!!



PreRace DSC_2885#1 DSC_2874 DSC_2872

DSC_2903 100_1745 DSC_2894 100_1744 100_1743



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