Every Moment is Golden.

IMG_20140427_195930It’s a quite morning here in Swansboro NC. My weekend is winding down and the work week is around the corner. I’m sitting here thinking about how time goes by so fast. My kids are getting older and soon one will be graduating high school and the other will follow. I will be another year older at the end of the month and next year will be my 20 year high school reunion. It’s so amazing how much things can change and how sometimes life comes around in a full circle, and how everything happens for a reason. I am truly blessed with the outcome of my life at this point in time.


My brother and his family have moved to Fort Drum NY, and they are loving it. They start a new chapter in their lives and I hope that the military treats them right and they are able to experience new places and have as much fun as they can. I miss them and my nieces, and of course they are epecting to have yet another baby girl in November. Wheww… all girls, good luck with that. LOL.



My youngest will be traveling to Parris Island with her Young Marine Unit tomorrow.

She will get to experience a brief view of how the United States Marine Corps Boot Camp is all about. They will get to experience physical training, rappel tower, observe rifle range operations, crucible, obstacle course, drill practice, gas chamber, and water survival. The last day of the trip she will wake up with morning colors and attend a graduation ceremony before coming back home. This will be one many amazing trips that she will encounter. I must say I’m a bit jealous, I have not been back to Parris Island since I graduated from boot camp in 1995. I would really enjoy seeing her face and how much it would bring back memories for me. Her dad will be with her, he graduated from Parris Island as well, so it should be good for both of them.


Meanwhile my oldest is still in upstate NY, having fun and battling ear infections. She just can’t catch a break anymore, always getting sick. Hopefully she is on the other side of it and can continue to have fun before she comes home next month.


Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.13.40 AM

Work is work, and I’m more into Crossfit now, working on my Olympic Weight Lifting techniques and getting stronger everyday. Looking forward to maybe one day entering into a competition, as for right now I have a long way to go. Life is good, and I cant wait to see what the next year has to offer, and the year after that, and after that.We have a color run coming up in September and I’m hoping to volunteer for the Spartan Beast in October and run the Spartan Super the next day. The rest of the year looks to be an amazing one.


I have some amazing friends, a great family, and of course my boyfriend, yes my boyfriend, has a nice ring to it. He is and has always been the only one in my life. It has taken us a few times and many years to get back to each other. I hope that it continues to be easy, comfortable, and crazy at times. Who needs constant stress in their lives, I know I don’t. We know how each other works, wants, needs, and we value each others personal time and space. Not many people can understand that, I’m very blessed.


Thanks Babe!!

Ok so this is me here and now, who knows what will happen tomorrow, but I can say that I’m up for the challenge..


Welcome 2014


Welcome to 2014. I must say that I never seen it coming. I sit here and I recall the past few years of my life and wonder where it all went. I have had many disappointments along with joy as well and I have made new friends and kept the old ones close to my heart. Life these days are a challenge for me. My kids are getting older and I sometimes break down just thinking about how far we have come as a family. We have been through so much and sometimes I regret doing the things the way that I have done. I wish things could have been better for them, but we have survived and are stronger because of it all. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes just like the rest of us. I pray each and everyday that the good Lord will provide for me and guide me on this journey. I have a new outlook on my life for this year.


I quit drinking, which in turn allowed me to lose almost ten pounds. Crazy when I think about that. It’s almost  three months now.


My kids are my #1 priority, not that they weren’t before but more so now than ever. My oldest has just completed her drivers ed course and is now ready to get her learners permit. With that being said, I now have a few grey hairs already. I have started to shoot again, (photography). This has been the best thing for me right now, I can let everything go when I’m out shooting. I think about nothing else, except for that one shot or the way the light hits a subject. I even had a chance to bring my daughter and she loved it. We explored some random abandoned houses and she went around with no fear what so ever. She did a great job in capturing the true essence of the home.

It’s hard to imagine them being all grown up and moving on in few short years. I wonder how I will be able to function without yelling at them to pickup after themselves. 🙂  It’s sad, but true, that nothing lasts forever.

I must say that I hope by that time I will have someone to fill the void, someone whom I can share my laughter and tears with once they walk out the door. Time will tell, if the Man above has someone who can put up with me, my job, my kids, my way of life. Needless to say it is pretty simple, I’m definitely not the high maintenance type. The older I get the more I realize that I can’t change who I am for someone else, and I also can’t change someone else for me. What you see is what you get, just saying. So I hope that the New Year brings many joys to my family and friends. I hope my baby brother and his newest family member here very soon, prospers and remains healthy and very happy. My sister and her family just moved into their new home and I hope they love it. My other brother is about to graduate from Army boot camp and I hope he and his family don’t get stationed too far away, so I can continue to visit.  My mom and dad are doing well, and I will be seeing them soon for my brothers graduation soon. All in all, I’m looking forward to this year. I’m thinking positive, working very hard and holding onto my kids for as long as possible.

Good Luck to everyone this year, Peace and God Bless.

Giving Thanks.

I went out for an early morning walk in the cold windy air this morning. There was a slight breeze which was chilly needless to say. I can’t believe that this year is closing fast. Still, I can’t explain how I have been blessed throughout the year. I’m so thankful for my friends, family, and of course my job. With out the security of my job I would not have even half the things I have now. The girls are at Myrtle Beach with their dad and won’t be back until Saturday so, I’m taking off a little later to spend some time with friends, then off to see my brother and his family. Who knows maybe I’ll go to Wilmington tomorrow and see what happens from there.

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone, and God Bless!!

Easter 2012

Well it’s been a pretty laid back day. The girls are at that age where I don’t have to go all out and hide easter eggs and make a big easter dinner. So it made my day easier needless to say. They had the chance to hunt for eggs anyway on Saturday with some great friends of mine. We started the day with Sunday mass which was outstanding as usual. Father Don knows exactly  what to say to grab my attention and makes me realize how much I miss going to church. It’s so hard to get away these days with the way my work schedule is set up, but I try to go as much as I can. I spent the weekend trying to soak up as much rest time as I can get, I have a busy week ahead of me. The girls are off for spring break and even though I love them to death, they need to get out and spend the night with friends. Keeps me from worrying about them while I’m at work. Saturday night was of course Awesome!!! Scearce & Ketner rocked the PUB as usual. It was a packed house and everyone was on their feet dancing, singing, and of course having a few Guinesses.  A really good friend was able to come out and enjoy some great music and good beer as well.

All in all it’s been a good weekend, if only it was longer! Looking forward to my next day off, should be interesting??  🙂   Happy Easter, Luvs to All…. and GOD BLESS!!!!

Loving the Weather!

Well, it has been a beautiful past two days. I was lucky enough to have them off, and took advantage of them both. I got an early start on my summer tan and started running again. I feel really good, and  happy with the way my life is going right now. It has been a rough couple of weeks, loosing a good friend and coping with all the unanswered questions. But I have to say, he has given me a greater respect for life, and a determination to live it to the fullest, with no regrets. I now believe that if you truly want something bad enough, don’t put it off till tomorrow,  because you may not have a tomorrow. So with that being said, I’m planning for some up and coming trips, excursions, and so forth. I have Maine or even Key West in my sights, and will be getting my passport here soon for some out of the country travel, “God willing”. My job keeps me so busy that I can’t think at times, and my kids let me know it. But with this demanding job also comes the benefits of being able to afford these up and coming excursions. I thank the Lord each and every day for the opportunity to hold my own, pay off my debt, and give my kids much more now, than I could a year ago. Yes, it’s almost a year now that I have been with the Sheriffs Department. I was hired May 16, of last year. I’m surprised I have lasted this long. There were times when I just wanted to walk out, being locked in for 12 hours is not for everyone. Enough with that, so the weather has been awesome. I have a long weekend coming up, but will plan on getting out and about on Monday or Tuesday. It’s nice to know your schedule at least for a while, that way I can plan for some great adventures. I have a life’s to do list going, and I must complete some if not all before I get so old, that I forget what I have even done.

This past weekend was so much fun. I was able to get out of the house and spend some time with a really great person and listen to some good music at the pub. I even had a chance to do some shooting, even if it was with my phone. It doesnt matter what I shoot with, when I get in that mode I’m unstoppable. I hope that I get the chance to do it again and have as much fun, if not more. This little town I live in is my home. I really can’t see myself living anywhere else, well except Denver, but that may come later, after the girls graduate and move out. Life is so short, and I need to grab whatever I can that makes me happy, makes my kids happy, and just run with it.

Hopefully soon, I can buy a new camera and get out and REALLY shoot. I love photography, its my stress reliever and bringing home hundreds of photos just have that one perfect shot, is exhilarating. I have so many plans running through my head, I have no idea which one I want to do first. It’s great knowing that I can actually do them, eventually. Well it’s about that time and I must sign off for now.

From the words of a very good friend….

“Life isn’t about the 9-5 job. Breathe out and live your life. Take off with no destination. See the world, don’t trap yourself in your little reality. Life is short and has no point. So make your life count for You. Act on every impulse with no Regrets”.

Ross Rogers….  Miss U!!

Monday Morning!!

It’s 8:45 Monday February 20th. I’m still laying here in bed, waiting for my coffee to finish and willing myself to get up. Michelle is still asleep and Julia is up and moving around. The sun is shining through my window, teasing me into thinking its nice and warm outside. What a lie that is. Heading into Jacksonville for a dental appointment for Julia then off to the mall for Michelle. I have to be back home early, and try to catch some shut-eye before a two night rendezvous with work. This past weekend was fun. Scearce & Ketner are truly my favorite local band. They always put on a great show and are the nicest guys too hang out with. A very unexpected customer was in the crowd as well, shocking me with his presence. I’m at a lost for words at the moment just thinking about it. Very odd?  It’s weekends like that, that I wish I could have more often. One can only hope right? Well I think my coffee is done, and I do have to get up eventually. So here is to a great day, and looking forward to whatever may come in the near future.

Nine Days Away!!!

My New Friends!!!!!!   Yacht Club Residents  🙂

In nine days we will be done with January 2012. It is amazing as to how fast time flies. I’m constantly moving, working, taking care of my kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When I do have a chance to myself I try so hard to take advantage of it but most of the time all I want to do is just relax and do nothing. It has been a quiet start to the new year, nothing has changed. Work is still work, with some minor changes as always, but nothing too dramatic. The girls are always doing something, whether with school or friends. Julia has Orchestra concerts, along with Young Marines and soccer here in the next few weeks. Michelle is in the same boat except no Orchestra, she has Choir. So as you can tell no rest for the weary!   

Taxes are about to roll around again and I’m hoping to be 95% debt free once I’m finished filing. Now I have to start building my credit back up and hopefully by April or May, get out of this 2 bederoom duplex and into a bigger place for me and my girls. I think its time for us to make a permanent change around here. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so making this kind of change will be good for all of us. At least I will know that I have taken care of all my past debts and can start over from scratch. I have a great job, with great friends, and my  family is always behind me 100% with anything that I do, so I can’t complain.

On Saturday I took the girls to the Aquarium for a couple of hours. It’s always fun to go to, especially on a rainy day, with nothing to do. We always enjoy roaming around, looking at the sharks, stingrays, jelly fish, and of course the turtles..


I think the turtles are my favorite, well then the jellies come a close second of course.  It was quiet, hardly anybody was there, given the fact that it was 4:30 in the afternoon and about to close is probably why. The girls had fun as did I.

I think we walked around for a couple of hours and decided it was time to go. Michelle wasn’t feeling so good, so we headed back home for a nice quiet evening. All in all it was a good weekend. I head back to a fun filled work week, so my rest time is over. As of right now I am planning for my next weekend off, not sure whats in store but all I know is, is that I’m game for anything. This year is off to a great start compared to the last couple of years I have had.

It has been a rough couple of years and now I can sit back and know that my future is just beginning. With that being said, I still need to dig deeper into my artistic side on my days off. I miss the view from a camera lens. Hopefully sooner rather than later I can get what I “want” and get back out there, out into a world that I could hide myself in. A world filled with just me, my camera, and a little bit of imagination!  I look forward to that time when I can finally have something that takes me away from all the real things in life, even just for a quick tough of the shutter.




Signing off for now, until next time!

Peace be With You and Your Spirt!!  🙂