The Consumption of Christmas.

I awoke  this morning and had an idea of a very new and inspiring project. It is something that I have never done before but I am inspired by a very close friend of mine. His work is very different and indeed the basis for my new creation. Thank you in advance Patrick. 🙂 I can honestly say that Christmas has been so misconstrued and geared toward buying the right gift or the amount. This piece represents all the chaos and consumption that everyone gets wrapped up in. We all forget the whole purpose of Christmas and I myself get tangled up in all the material side effects of it. Not sure when I will be finished with it, it is a work in progress but I finally am able to feel free, and hoping to add more to this project in the future… Will post my progress.


The first month of 2010 is almost over. Although it has been one emotional roller coaster ride I have found some time in between the chaos to explore my passion for photography. By doing this, my mind is at ease and I can think about taking photographs and not my hectic life. I’m not going to sit here and write about how life just sucks sometimes and you can’t explain why things happen. I can say that I have met someone very special who by just smiling at me, makes me feel ten times better. . So with that being said all I’m going to do now is post some of my favorite shots that I have taken. I hope that I can continue to make time for me and time to get out of the house. You can check out more of these photos in “Fine Art”.

Camping Season Has Arrived!!!!

1002969 Camping season has arrived. The end of Spring break was this weekend for the girls, so I decided to get a head start on the summer. We set up camp Saturday morning and than headed out to their last soccer game at Dixon. As soon as the game was over we raced back to camp for a little R&R… It was a lot of fun. Had some great company to enjoy the down town as well. Even though we were only a few miles away from home, just getting out and back into nature just felt right. I love camping and although I wasn’t quite prepared like I usually am it all went well. The girls made a new friend and was out and about pretty much the rest of the day. We had chairs set up around the camp fire while they ate smore after smore. The camp fire was the highlight of the night. Who doesn’t love a great camp fire. img0033 I was able to get some photo time as well, shooting both digital and film (infrared). Can’t wait to see what the infrared is going to look like.

img_0021-1It was really nice to be able to get out and let the girls just burn up some energy. Maybe here in the next couple of weeks we can do it again. Better prepared next time…. Remember to bring pillows… Not good for your neck. Maybe get in a little fishing and a nap sometime during the day.. Bring some books and just relax in the sun, who knows.

img_0025-1 It was a good day, not too cold. Pretty peaceful end to their spring break. Now it’s back to school and getting ready for their first communion on May 3rd.. Even though you may get a break from the normal routine you always have to get back to reality. That’s what makes crave the excitement of getting some much needed time off. Next time it will be for a whole weekend. I hear Bear Island calling my name….. In the mean time I will keep up the daily grind and look forward to more adventures to come. June is almost here and I will be going home for a couple of days and than off to Nashville for some artistic endeavors, and some quality photo shooting time.

A Week of Total Body, Mind, & Soul Immersion…..

Ocracoke NC


The past week has been a total soul immersion that I can honestly say I have never had. Anytime that I think I might have some time to relax I’m always worrying about something. The past week has been amazing, full of photography, great food, great company and the most amazing weather I have ever seen. The island was pretty much engulfed with fog for about three days, leaving some stranded, to wait and hope the ferry was up and running the next day. img_0161


The way the fog just rolled in in a matter of minutes felt like something straight out of a movie. It was eary and surreal but it made the stay and the photographing experience much more interesting. We were lucky that it didn’t rain on us and that we had every opportunity to appreciate the island and the weather conditions that it had to offer.

It was rough to see the girls go and to be alone for the first time in my life for Christmas Eve, but I was able to turn it all around and start my long week of nothing but breathing and enjoying my surroundings. It’s been a memorable Christmas holiday to say the least. With all the photographing, I was also able to start a new book and now I can’t seem to put it down. I need to read more and think less, and keep my mind free.100_2473 I’m sitting here at the house after a weekend on Ocracoke thinking about the great time that I had, knowing that to have that kind of immersion will be far and few between. To totally have a since of calmness is good for the soul and mind. I’m going to try to start a new chapter in my life and hope that it will continue to be a great adventure.

I look back at the past year and I’m very thankful for the gifts in my life, whether it be my girls or my special friendships that I have made or continued to have throughout this year. 2008 has come and gone in a blink of an eye and I have had many moments where I thought I wouldn’t make it.

My life has changed and it will continue to change with everyday that passes. I will continue to struggle with life, love, and trying to raise my kids the best way I know how but also keeping my friends close to my heart and be there when they need me the most, because they are always there when I need them. Everyone tends to make mistakes in their lives and all we can do is try to move forward and learn from them. I sit here at the house alone and wonder and hope that this year will be different, better.

My biggest new years resoluton will be not to dwell on things I cannot change but to just be me and cherish everyone that I have in my life. Moments are what make memories last forever and I found a quote that I have now embodied my self with and hope that it will keep my mind free from drifting away.

“The way to forever is one day at a time”.


I think that says it all. I need to realize that that is all we have, one day at a time. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. This whole body and soul immersion was I think a turning point in my life. It’s weird to, I think back at all the times that I have taken a couple days off and immersed myself in something and I end up coming back with a new way of thinking. My hope is that I will accomplish what I set my mind to this year. Hope that I can share my good times and bad times with someone special whomever that may be. Like I said who knows what will happen tomorrow. My mind is open for anything and even though times are going to be rough my family and friends are beside me 100%


Gasping for air…

Until Next Time…. Always Remember to Smile 🙂

Ocracoke Photos are located On my Travel Page Enjoy!!!!!