Warmer Weather.


It’s been almost a month now since I have posted anything. My life is nothing to brag about so not much has changed. Work is still in full swing and the kids are still on the go, all the time! Warmer weather is around the corner. We have had a few great days and then mother nature wants to tease us and send us back into the cold. On the days that God does grant us with beautiful weather, I try to take full advantage of it. I have also joined a Crossfit Gym, and  of course I’m now addicted to that as well. It feels great to be pushed to my limits and more. I’m happier, stronger and will be able to say healthier soon. This coming weekend will be filled with the Spartan Sprint.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.45.54 PM

My first Spartan race, as well as my kids, we are doing it together. So be ready for some great photos and video to come later. That’s roughly it, my life is consistent and on the go all the time. It is filled with great friends, family and lots of love.


Hopefully I can continue on this journey and be happy with the way everything turns out.


God Bless, and Keep Smiling. 🙂


Summer, Summer, Summer

It’s that time again, summer is here. The weather is heating up and the sun is out and bringing in the tourists. I can’t believe that it is almost June already and another school year has flown by. My kids are ready for it to be over and their summer this year is jam-packed with trips, and possibly a family vacation. I have been really busy as usual with work and kids, so not much to tell on the home front. Soccer season is over and the U14 Breakers finished 2nd place this season. I’m very proud of these girls, they played their hearts out and this was the best season I’ve seen. Good luck to all of the players who will be moving up next season. In the mean time, I’m preparing for the upcoming camping season, and I’m ready for some bonfires and hanging out with some good friends. I plan on making this summer count and hoping that I can have some me time in there somewhere.  I guess that’s it for now, going to find some campsites to add to my calendar. On another note, can’t wait to make another weekend at Green Springs with the kids. If you have ever been there then you know that this is a great place for some good clean fun, and you can even set up camp down the road at Flanners Beach. If you can dig deep and donate for a worthy cause then please do so, I know I will.

To donate click here GREEN SPRINGS.

Here are some pics of our Green Springs excursions.


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Summer is Almost Over

Summer is winding down and the kids are headed back to school soon. My days of relaxing on the weekends and quite nights will soon be filled with soccer games, homework, concerts and  two teenage girls. I can’t believe that I have one starting high school and the other not too far behind. Where does the time go? I turned around and they are already towering over me and wanting more from me each and every day. I can honestly say that I don’t mind it one bit. They have been spending most of the summer with their dad which has given me some much-needed time to myself. We had a great summer and I’m planning for another weekend away, hopeing it goes well and I can do it. My job has kept me pretty busy but I’m so glad I get the weekends and evenings with the girls now. They are getting older and need me more now than ever before. Well just wanted to update this blog, it has been awhile. So here are some pics of the summer and I hope to add a few more before the cold sets in. Enjoy!!

Working, working, working!!!

I have absolutely no complaints about working these days. I thank the Lord that I have a job that allows me to do what I really truly enjoy doing. It also allows me to have enough time in between to be with my kids until this summer. June is here and the girls will be leaving in about a week for their dads’. I have had this weekend off since coming off my night shift, but I start day shift tomorrow and will most likely be moving to a different squad possibly by the end of the week. I really like the squad I’m on now but as the transition is made to the new facility each squad needs a certain amount of people and this will assure that that happens. Yesterday was filled with BBQ parties with lots of food and friends. Some friends of mine held a BBQ fundraiser with lots of food and Scearce & Ketner for entertainment. They are always a joy to listen to. The girls were able to check out the new jail that I will be working in soon and they had a great time in doing so. Although I was very tempted to leave them there. LOL Their new home!

Warmer Weather.

Thank you God for warmer weather today. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I think I better update my fellow bloggers on this life of mine. Well, I have officially paid off my car and it is now mine. It’s a great feeling to not have to make that payment each month.  So I proceeded to look for a motorcycle….yes a motorcycle….. I found a couple of them that was quite reasonable in price but this is the one that I want to get. It is a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250. Same size as my other bike but better body style. I really want to get it, but I sat down and thought it through, and I decided to wait awhile. This is probably a good choice and who knows maybe a yellow one will pop up some where.

So with that being said, I moved on (FOR NOW!!!)  School has been really busy, just completed my first tests and all went well. The girls are finishing up the Young Marines Boot Camp and hopefully will graduate in a couple of weeks. They also have started soccer and they have their first two games this weekend as well. So needless to say I have been running around doing many things all at once. I also have a PT job interview next week that I am so excited about. It’s not my dream job but it is a job and it works great with my schedule. With this warmer weather comes some great memories of past summers. As I sit here thinking about it, I start to miss the many people that have come and go in my life. I can’t help but to think about them and wonder if they are doing well. It’s something that I do from time to time, I guess this is one of those moments.

On top of all that my kids are outgrowing me, Michelle will be moving on to middle school in August and Julia will be in her last year at middle school (8th grade) before going to high school next year. Makes me cringe when I say that, I feel old even though I know I’m not. They are growing up so fast that I cant seem to catch up anymore. They both, are talking about college, cars and of course BOYS….  March is on it’s way here and three more months after that they will be out of school and getting ready for the next big step. As for me, I’m still in limbo but moving along at a good pace. I have more options opening and will gradually get to where I’m going.




I’m still trying to go out every now and again. Even though I stay busy I try to get out at least once a week to show my face. It’s good to get away and relax to. Well I better get going, the kids are getting home and well, mommy duties are at an all time high right now.. Until Next Time

Take Care………..

Bring on the Cold!!

Summer is almost over and even though I have had a great one, I’m looking forward to sitting on the beach in my pullover watching the waves roll in. This is the best time of the year in my opinion. All the tourists are gone and the beaches are bare. You can walk around and not have to worry about bumping into people every five seconds. This is the best time to sit and think about everything. This year is almost over as well, I’m not quite sure where it has gone to but, it has been a good summer visiting with family and friends. I have also been able to reconnect with myself. In all actuality I have never been alone (without significant other) before. I have been single now for about 5 months and love it. I have no commitments other than my kids and myself. I’m not sure if I’m ready to jump into any kind of relationship right now but I’m keeping my eyes and mind open and living each day as if it were my last. With relationships come a huge amount of dedication, truthfulness, time, and of course patience. The feelings of is he going to call, is he thinking about me, what is he doing, and does he feel the same way, is not on my mind anymore, at least not now. Not having these kinds of things in my head makes me feel……. free in some way.


I have come to enjoy my own company which I can honestly say I would never have thought that I would. I can concentrate on becoming someone for myself instead of someone for someone else. I feel the need to find me again. With that being said, I do enjoy the company of others as well but without the distractions to worry about. Maybe in time I will let go and start dating again. Maybe I can let myself love again….. As for right now, I’m okay with the way things are. My kids have my undivided attention and that matters the most. They started a new school year and already they are talking about boys they like… Uggghhh what to do with that one?? Anyway Bring on the cold, looking forward to the quietness of the beaches in the fall weather, sipping on some coffee and watching the sunrise and sunsets.

“Most people can look back over the years and identify a time and place at which their lives changed significantly. Whether by accident or design, these are the moments when, because of a readiness within us and a collaboration with events occurring around us, we are forced to seriously reappraise ourselves and the conditions under which we live and to make certain choices that will affect the rest of our lives”.  Frederick F. Flack

What’s The POINT?

Today is Palm Sunday, and I’m not feeling in the Church mood. I’m still going to go and my kids as well, hoping that my mood will change throughout the day. This year has started horribly and April is a couple days away already. I’m sitting in my quite little 2 bedroom duplex, my girls are still asleep. Julia is snoring and I can hear birds outside chirping as the sun rises and shines through my kitchen window. As I sit here and wonder how this year is going to finish itself out I can’t help but wonder what is the point. Why try so hard at something and then in the end it falls apart anyway, what is the point. My family has been hit pretty hard this year by death, illness, and relationship downfalls. My dad is back in the hospital for a dislocated hip after falling down the patio stairs after a freak snowstorm. @1@!@ If there was one thing that I thought could help me ease the sadness and pain of everything this year, it would be to have someone in your life that is there for you. Well that just causes more pain and anguish. Even if they say they are there for you and thinking about your feelings, they’re not. It’s nothing more than excuses to cover up their feelings of being scared, of putting themselves out there and letting go. Nothing but excuses to make them feel better about themselves. I truly believe now that if you are alone you don’t have to worry about missing anyone, and you can think about only you.

Anyway, my mind is full of what if’s, maybe, cants, won’t, why’s, and the urgency to just quit and move on. The sun is coming up and spring weather has set in. Girls have spring break here soon, as for me, I’m doing the best that I can to stay ahead of the semester. I really want to get out and go camping and let my mind just breath for a while.

Although this year has been nothing but chaos, my girls are doing very well in school. Both have excellent grades and are involved in many after school activities. Michelle is playing soccer and loving it. Julia is in orchestra and loving it as well. They leave for their dads for the summer but before they leave in June we will be going to Denver at the end of May. Not really a vacation but more as a memorial for my grandfather who passed away at the beginning of the year. Who knows who will still be married, together, or what not by then. Yes… that’s how this year has gone, it feels like a soap opera and my head is about to explode. I haven’t had the chance to go out and shoot because of all that has been going on. And even then, I’m just not in the mood to do anything. It’s sad I know, but like I said before……………..What Is The Point!