Welcome 2014


Welcome to 2014. I must say that I never seen it coming. I sit here and I recall the past few years of my life and wonder where it all went. I have had many disappointments along with joy as well and I have made new friends and kept the old ones close to my heart. Life these days are a challenge for me. My kids are getting older and I sometimes break down just thinking about how far we have come as a family. We have been through so much and sometimes I regret doing the things the way that I have done. I wish things could have been better for them, but we have survived and are stronger because of it all. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes just like the rest of us. I pray each and everyday that the good Lord will provide for me and guide me on this journey. I have a new outlook on my life for this year.


I quit drinking, which in turn allowed me to lose almost ten pounds. Crazy when I think about that. It’s almost  three months now.


My kids are my #1 priority, not that they weren’t before but more so now than ever. My oldest has just completed her drivers ed course and is now ready to get her learners permit. With that being said, I now have a few grey hairs already. I have started to shoot again, (photography). This has been the best thing for me right now, I can let everything go when I’m out shooting. I think about nothing else, except for that one shot or the way the light hits a subject. I even had a chance to bring my daughter and she loved it. We explored some random abandoned houses and she went around with no fear what so ever. She did a great job in capturing the true essence of the home.

It’s hard to imagine them being all grown up and moving on in few short years. I wonder how I will be able to function without yelling at them to pickup after themselves. 🙂  It’s sad, but true, that nothing lasts forever.

I must say that I hope by that time I will have someone to fill the void, someone whom I can share my laughter and tears with once they walk out the door. Time will tell, if the Man above has someone who can put up with me, my job, my kids, my way of life. Needless to say it is pretty simple, I’m definitely not the high maintenance type. The older I get the more I realize that I can’t change who I am for someone else, and I also can’t change someone else for me. What you see is what you get, just saying. So I hope that the New Year brings many joys to my family and friends. I hope my baby brother and his newest family member here very soon, prospers and remains healthy and very happy. My sister and her family just moved into their new home and I hope they love it. My other brother is about to graduate from Army boot camp and I hope he and his family don’t get stationed too far away, so I can continue to visit.  My mom and dad are doing well, and I will be seeing them soon for my brothers graduation soon. All in all, I’m looking forward to this year. I’m thinking positive, working very hard and holding onto my kids for as long as possible.

Good Luck to everyone this year, Peace and God Bless.

A Year in Review.

So this is it. 2013 is over in 12 hours, and counting. So with that being said I have put together my year in picutres. It has been a crazy year and I hope that 2014 will offer me big and better things. I hope to get back into the Church more and concentrate on my kids and my personal life as well. I think it’s time for me to live more and not worry about the things I cannot change. So with that being said, here you go!DSC_2296

SpaceSaverJanuary New Home..


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HighFive Cameron RYG



DSC_2778 DSC_2579 WildHairMay

DSC_2885#1 100_1745June

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DCIM100GOPRO Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.29.16 AM 998330_10201109011140997_682214077_n IMG_1380 IMG_1381 Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.00.22 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.17.18 AM DCIM100GOPRO Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.21.02 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.10.27 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.02.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 6.50.05 PM DSC_3078

DCIM100GOPRO IMG_1598 Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 9.29.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.03.06 PM DCIM100GOPRO Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.06.09 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.21.13 PM


DSC_3032 DSC_3034 Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 5.21.08 PMSeptember

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 6.13.59 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 6.51.52 AM



DSC_3154 DSC_3153 DSC_3150 DSC_3133November

MeandSanta RedRibbon IMG_2654 IMG_2550 IMG_2502 IMG_2519



Merry Christmas!

MichelleIt is finally upon us Christmas 2013. Can you believe it? This year is almost over and we are going into 2014, where did this year go? I must say without a doubt that this year came with many ups and downs. I’m still working on me, which is a never-ending battle it seems. Christmas has been great for me and my family, we all were able to get as much as we can get in this economy. My brother is here on a break from Army Boot Camp.. YES I said BREAK.. apparently the Army gives them a break and then they return to finish Boot Camp. Don’t ask me why I have no clue? But, I’m happy none the less to see him. 🙂 Everyone seems to be happy and content so far, kids received bikes, phones, phone cases, candy, perfume, shoes and more. As for me I finally got a camera and I have been having fun with it already. The kids are with their dad for the day so I may go out and shoot for a bit, not sure. It’s quiet here and I’m taking advantage of the peace. 🙂 With that being said, I’m keeping this short and simple, it’s almost time for Mass. Here are a few pics of our Christmas to You..

IMG_2550 IMG_2654 IMG_2519 IMG_2502

DSC_3203 MeandSanta


Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone on this Christmas Day.

The Day After.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.00.31 AM

It is the day after the End of the World, and we are all still here. Here on this cold but yet beautiful Saturday, December 22, 2012. I am sitting at home thinking once again on how fast this year has gone by. Today is a new beginning for many, because of all the hype leading up to the End of the World. So what will we do now, what will we do differently, anything? I think not. Just as we try to make New Years resolutions, which never come to affluence anyway, we set our minds to try. I guess trying is better than doing nothing at all. So with that being said, today and on New Years day I will TRY to do things differently. I will try to workout 3 days a week, I will try to be patient with my kids, I will try to hug my kids more and tell them I love them every chance I get, I will try to call my family more, I will try to go to church every Sunday instead of sleeping in (occasionally), and most of all I will try to keep trying. On this first day of a New World, I will try to stay positive and reinforce myself that GOD IS in control and will provide for me and all always.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.44.09 AM

I will try to not take each day for granted, because each day is precious. With the haunting images of the past week of precious lives lost, I will be more aware of the everyday nuances, of the little things that go unnoticed.  This is my hope, I will try on my good days and my bad. My kids are my life and it’s because of them I even try at all. Of course I have my ambitions and goals to reach, but without them I honestly have nothing. My heart goes out to Newtown CT. I can’t even imagine what they are going through and I hope that time will ease their pain but I know that it will never go away.

On a good note, I went to Church Street Pub last night and met up with some friends. As the night was winding down, there was apparently a wedding about to happen in the courtyard. So I took my trusty phone out to check out the ceremony. It was excruciatingly cold but the bride looked beautiful. Unfortunately my phone can only do so much in the dark so my photos did not turn out so well. But I did get one good one when the bride and groom came back into the pub for some warmth, good food, and defiantly good beer. I have no idea who they are but they were kind enough to let me take a picture of them. I wish them the best of luck, and a big congratulations.


It was a fun night as always. I love my town, the friends that I have and my life. Yes sometimes it’s hard and yes sometimes I feel alone, but I’m thankful to be here. It’s not everyday that someone can say that everything is as it should be right now, and right at this very moment. I’m wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is to another year down and many, many more to come…….. 🙂


This is what it’s all about!

December is here..


December is fianlly here, and the countdown has begun. Soon we will be bringing in yet another New Year. This to me is amazing in that, I can’t remember a year going by as fast as this one has. This time last year I was settling in to my new job and now I’m settled and in it for the long haul. Again, I must say that I was hoping to have a companion of some sort for the Holidays but as to my dismay, God has other things planned for me I guess. I know he has a specific path for me but I wish I could take a sneak peak at it every once in a while. I’m very thankful for what I have accomplished this year and the friends that I have made. With that being said, I still want to share all the good times and of course my bad times with someone special. I do have my kids and they are everything to me, which is why I’m still here. They come first and foremost as always, then maybe later down the line I might meet someone who understands that and wants to be apart of it as well.  Anyway, it has been a busy weekend and next weekend will be even busier. I have a yard sale, Young Marines, Christmas Party at Mikes Farm, and Christmas Party at Church Street so needless to say it will come and go just like that. I will also be making my last ditch attempts at packing and getting ready for my move. I will miss living out here off of the Loop. The sunrises in my backyard and it is so quite. That is what I will miss the most, even though I’m moving 5 minutes down the road the atmosphere is going to be different. This move will be better for us in that we all will have our own rooms, and no more waiting for showers. Yes, two full baths not just a bath and half. I think my kids would go nuts if they grew up im my old childhood home, 1 bath with a family of 4 kids.  Well I better get off of here, have to get things ready for another solid work week. Hoping everyone has had a wonderful start to the upcoming end of 2012. I’m hoping for 2013 to bring lots of laughter, love, and many dreams to come true.

Take care and until next time God Bless.


Nine Days Away!!!

My New Friends!!!!!!   Yacht Club Residents  🙂

In nine days we will be done with January 2012. It is amazing as to how fast time flies. I’m constantly moving, working, taking care of my kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When I do have a chance to myself I try so hard to take advantage of it but most of the time all I want to do is just relax and do nothing. It has been a quiet start to the new year, nothing has changed. Work is still work, with some minor changes as always, but nothing too dramatic. The girls are always doing something, whether with school or friends. Julia has Orchestra concerts, along with Young Marines and soccer here in the next few weeks. Michelle is in the same boat except no Orchestra, she has Choir. So as you can tell no rest for the weary!   

Taxes are about to roll around again and I’m hoping to be 95% debt free once I’m finished filing. Now I have to start building my credit back up and hopefully by April or May, get out of this 2 bederoom duplex and into a bigger place for me and my girls. I think its time for us to make a permanent change around here. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so making this kind of change will be good for all of us. At least I will know that I have taken care of all my past debts and can start over from scratch. I have a great job, with great friends, and my  family is always behind me 100% with anything that I do, so I can’t complain.

On Saturday I took the girls to the Aquarium for a couple of hours. It’s always fun to go to, especially on a rainy day, with nothing to do. We always enjoy roaming around, looking at the sharks, stingrays, jelly fish, and of course the turtles..


I think the turtles are my favorite, well then the jellies come a close second of course.  It was quiet, hardly anybody was there, given the fact that it was 4:30 in the afternoon and about to close is probably why. The girls had fun as did I.

I think we walked around for a couple of hours and decided it was time to go. Michelle wasn’t feeling so good, so we headed back home for a nice quiet evening. All in all it was a good weekend. I head back to a fun filled work week, so my rest time is over. As of right now I am planning for my next weekend off, not sure whats in store but all I know is, is that I’m game for anything. This year is off to a great start compared to the last couple of years I have had.

It has been a rough couple of years and now I can sit back and know that my future is just beginning. With that being said, I still need to dig deeper into my artistic side on my days off. I miss the view from a camera lens. Hopefully sooner rather than later I can get what I “want” and get back out there, out into a world that I could hide myself in. A world filled with just me, my camera, and a little bit of imagination!  I look forward to that time when I can finally have something that takes me away from all the real things in life, even just for a quick tough of the shutter.




Signing off for now, until next time!

Peace be With You and Your Spirt!!  🙂


First day of 2012, in JAIL!

Well here we go again. A new year a new start. I spent the first day of 2012 in jail oh but wait, this is not what you think, I work there. I had to work the weekend and was anticipating a very hectic couple of nights.  Leading into Saturday we were slow as well as Sunday so all in all it was actually very boring. It’s hard to believe that it is 2012. Shouldn’t we own flying cars and living on the moon by now? The past year is gone but of course not forgotten. I’m hoping that 2012 will offer me opportunities to advance in my career, the chance to love again and possibly get out of this little duplex of mine and into a bigger place. There are so many things I want to try to accomplish this year and I’m excited about the challenges ahead.  My kids started their first day back to school of the new year, which I should already assume will be a very hectic second half of the school year. Soccer will be starting soon, Young Marines will be back in the spotlight and well I will still have to juggle all of this plus work and my personal life, whatever my personal life is at the moment. I can’t say I’m not used to it because I am, although a full-time job thrown into the mix is a slight challenge. I have had practice at  it for the past 7 months now, so I think I can adapt to it pretty well. So with that being said, the new year should hold some amazing challenges and  hopefully some help given the fact that the girl’s dad will be moving back here in the summer. No, not back with me! they are excited and I am too, they need their dad and I need breaks in my routine. Ok well I have to get started on my new years celebration time since I missed it on Saturday. Here is to another New Year, may it unfold without many, but a few struggles.

Merry Christmas!

Well it’s finally Christmas day and the sun is shining with no chance for snow. I do believe that today does not feel like Christmas. Me and the girls will be heading over to my brothers here in a few to spend a couple hours with them. Then it’s back home to relax, watch movies, eat and possibly watch the sunset this evening. I must say that this year has been a good one, but it went by so fast. Everyday I struggle with lifes ups and downs, and today seems like a mixture of both. I miss being with all of my family this year. I thank the Lord for my dads health and my families closeness in all the hard times. I’m hoping for a fabulous year to come, filled with lots of joy and hopefully love. The girls had  a good Christmas and received a lot of gifts, and money to spend on anything. So I sit here updating my blog possibly the last until the new year. I go back to work on Monday, back to the mad house and some great friends. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Peace and Love for All!!!!


2011 Begins

I went out and watched the last sunset of 2010, said a final goodbye to all my loved ones that I have lost, and welcomed 2011 with smiles. I am so excited about 2011 finally being here. I welcome it with open arms, open mind, & an open heart. I was considering doing a year in review but opted out because I wanted a fresh start to the new year. I went out last night, planning on coming home early, but ended up bringing the New Year in at the Icehouse. Scearce & Ketnerwere playing along with some added friends so I decided to stay. It was so much fun. The last time I had fun like that on New Years was with my sister a couple of years back. That was an interesting night to say the least. I was glad that I stayed, it was very enjoyable and it wasn’t crazy so that was a plus. Even though I went alone, I met some good people who had as much fun as I did.

The new year is here and I’m ready to kick it into high gear. I pick up

the girls on Monday, I start school on Thursday and will be reapplying to the sheriff’s department soon. I’m still training for the POPAT and hopefully I’ll be ready by the beginning of next month. So 2010 is behind me, 2011 is here and I’m ready for my life to start again.

Snow for the Christmas Weekend.

I ventured out yesterday morning to take advantage of the freshly fallen snow that had blanketed Swansboro. Although it was cold and very treacherous to say the least, I was able to get some good shots of downtown Swansboro. It was fairly quiet and all the stores were closed due to the weather. It was so nice to get out and shoot for a little while. It has been a long time since I went out and took the time to see. I really need to do more of this to keep my artistic side from falling apart. I feel so much self-gratification out of finding that perfect shot. This upcoming year is going to be very busy for me,  but if I can squeeze out at least one day a week to really concentrate on my artistic side it should be very helpful in the long run. Here are a few photos that are from yesterdays adventure.












Life is good right now. Even though at times I can feel a bit lonely, I’m content with my me time. I try to embrace each day as a challenge and accept the things that I cannot change.