Giving Thanks.

I went out for an early morning walk in the cold windy air this morning. There was a slight breeze which was chilly needless to say. I can’t believe that this year is closing fast. Still, I can’t explain how I have been blessed throughout the year. I’m so thankful for my friends, family, and of course my job. With out the security of my job I would not have even half the things I have now. The girls are at Myrtle Beach with their dad and won’t be back until Saturday so, I’m taking off a little later to spend some time with friends, then off to see my brother and his family. Who knows maybe I’ll go to Wilmington tomorrow and see what happens from there.

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone, and God Bless!!

Summer is Almost Over

Summer is winding down and the kids are headed back to school soon. My days of relaxing on the weekends and quite nights will soon be filled with soccer games, homework, concerts and  two teenage girls. I can’t believe that I have one starting high school and the other not too far behind. Where does the time go? I turned around and they are already towering over me and wanting more from me each and every day. I can honestly say that I don’t mind it one bit. They have been spending most of the summer with their dad which has given me some much-needed time to myself. We had a great summer and I’m planning for another weekend away, hopeing it goes well and I can do it. My job has kept me pretty busy but I’m so glad I get the weekends and evenings with the girls now. They are getting older and need me more now than ever before. Well just wanted to update this blog, it has been awhile. So here are some pics of the summer and I hope to add a few more before the cold sets in. Enjoy!!

Myrtle Beach Excursion….

Me and a couple of friends headed to Myrtle Beach yesterday. We spent the whole day there and made it back home around 2am.. We had a great time and a future trip without kids is in store… It was a beautiful night filled with the smells of freshly made fudge and funnel cakes. We hit Barefoot landing first then made our adventurous route to Broadway at the Beach. All in all it was a great birthday weekend filled with lots of smiles. Hope it only gets better from here….. Harleigh at Barefoot Landing.


Joes Crab Shack

Ropes/Zipline Course & Kids in Balls on Water

Jess taking a picture with her cell phone of this funky looking fish..

The Blarney Stone at Celebrity Square. Celebrity Square is full of clubs, bars, and restaurants to sooth even the smallest of appetites. Along with music and food came beer and even Jello Shots from plastic syringes… If you are looking for a taste of something new this is the place to go.. We left at around 11pm and there were still kids and adults of all ages roaming the Boardwalk.

Until Next Time…  🙂

Another Birthday… Three Days Till

Relaxing in the Sun!!!

Another birthday is just around the corner and I can’t believe that it’s here yet again. This year has flown by so quickly and this summer is almost over. My girls will be home in 14 days and I’m looking forward to it.. As for my upcoming birthday weekend, I think I might go down to Wilmington or even Myrtle Beach, really want to get some shooting time in.

Barefoot Landing and Broadway at the Beach are nice places to do some night shots at. BFL also has many great places to eat at and of course have some great beers as well.

I’m in the process of making some cool looking masks for my holga and rigging it to shoot 35m film. Can’t wait to use it again it’s been awhile.

Well it’s Monday and I was up early to go running and didn’t feel it. But will get out to get some sort of exercise in, probably walk the beach as usual. Well this is a short post, have to get up and get some work done and get out of this house. 🙂

Computer Issues!!!

Well, I’m still in the process of working on my main computer. It seems I may need a battery so I ordered one and it should be here by next week. I’m hoping that will take of the  pesky problems I am having. I’m still working off of an iBook G4 which will not hold any photo software and or anything else for that matter. For a photographer it is a heart breaking situation. I have hundreds of photos that are sitting on my external hard drive just waiting to be edited and loved by many…

I have been talking with my girls and they are itching to get back home, which makes my day. They are having a great time with their dad of course, but home is home. I have exactly one month from today  until I pick them up. I’m planning on a Myrtle Beach getaway for a day or two to welcome them back home.  We might hit the Alligator Adventure and then off to a seafood buffet.

For now I’m catching up on house work, looking for a job, and just loving the fact that I’m able to have fun even if I’m by myself. I do miss  sharing things with someone, but I’m happy to be single and have no relationship drama in my life.

Sounds a bit funny coming from me. Maybe one day I’ll let someone in once again, who knows what could happen tomorrow…. 🙂

New Adventure!!!

Monday the 13th day of July. I have been in a mood for a about a week now and can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that everything has changed in my life. I find myself drifting toward the idea of moving to Colorado more and more each day. 100_0255Although I have a great opportunity here to go to ECU, and get my teaching degree, it’s going to take awhile to achieve. I finally received news about the Pell Grant and others so I’m all set for the fall. My summer class has just ended and I finished with a B.. I’m happy with that, knowing that it was a Dev Psych class all on-line in 8 weeks, I think I did pretty well. This fall will be very demanding on me, three classes with ECU and two with Carteret, all on-line.


House of Blues Inner Wall

Now I need to concentrate on getting back on track with my emotions. They tend to run me into the ground sometimes. I took off to Myrtle Beach on Saturday for the day and I am going to drive up the coast here in the next couple of days or maybe next week not sure. It’s raining terribly now so I’m not sure how the weather is for the remainder of the week.


House of Blues

It’s funny sometimes, you look at your life and think that you have everything you need, and than you realize you have nothing at all or it would seem that way. I sit here in my home wondering if this is what I truly want out of life. I have come to a point in my life that I’m just not satisfied anymore. I’m not satisfied with way I feel, the way I give in and than knowing what will happen next but trying to ignore it anyway. I can say that I am a strong person but you can only take so much and than you have to walk away. I have gone from a crazy marriage to a bitter divorce and into what I thought was a great relationship, which in fact wasn’t a relationship at all. I need to look at people much better, not get involved anymore, take care of myself and my kids and not rely on anybody else. Anyway enough with the rambling.

Here are some more pics of Myrtle Beach enjoy 🙂


House Blues of Courtyard


House Blues of Entrance


Senor Frog Grand Strand MB




Jimmy Buffet, Margaritaville


Fat Tuesday's

Blarney Stone

Blarney Stone