Instagram it UP!!!


I have been using instagram now for almost a month and still loving it. It’s amazing what you can do with this app. I have a new-found project in hand and in time, I’m hoping to set up a show for this new work. These prints are indeed something to see, and I know that I will continue to make them. There is something about finding that one moment and freezing it in time.  No matter how you look at life, it eventually ends and to have a piece of it to hang on to or even pass down from one generation to the next is extraordinary. And now I’m putting them on canvas and in Floating Frames, even more spectacular I think. Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.10.44 PMSo with that being said I’m going to continue on, and hopefully within the next few months I can add an invitation to my Instagram it UP show soon..  Take care and God Bless.



My Weekend.

I worked the entire weekend, so today and tomorrow is my weekend. I went out this morning after the girls left for school and walked a mile on the beach as the sun came up. Then, ran a mile and finished it off with 20 push ups. It was a beautiful sunrise and the weather was perfect outside. I’m preparing to take the POPAT in January, so trying my best to get back into shape and pass this thing. It’s going to take a lot of time on my part,  given the fact that my work hours are crazy and I’m exhausted on most days that I do have off. Raising two kids, a full-time job, and all the extra things that come into factor as well, keeps me pretty busy. But I am trying, and I have the determination to do it and WILL get it done. The benefits out weigh my fatigue any day of the week.  Well a short post, going to rest a bit, clean, then to the dentist for the girls. Always on the go………  

Waiting for the Right Moment!

Today being the only day off I will have this week, I decided to take a long walk on the beach. I headed for Bouge Pier, which is one of my favorite places to be in the mornings. It was the  first time in quite sometime that I was able to get out early enough before the sun came up and started bearing down with all its heat and intensity. The ocean was angry, with huge waves hitting the shoreline and driving me back up near what was left of the sand dunes to try to stay dry. Surfers were out in full force trying to catch that perfect wave. As for the many others it was a battle to even paddle out without getting barrel rolled by the oncoming of one wave after another. It was nice and cool enough for a hooded sweatshirt but once the sun made its way through the clouds I was ready to shed it and take a dip. But of course I didn’t, walking, taking pictures and enjoying my morning was all I had in mind. I’m missing my digital camera something fierce and I am resorting back to film which isn’t too bad. I just have to get these rolls developed and see if my skills haven’t faded from this very long sabbatical from the camera.

The pier was busy despite being disfigured by Hurricane Irene. Irene took out the last portion of the pier and now sits awaiting repairs. In the day or two after Irene I went out to inspect the damage and today was astonished to see that they had fixed the covered benches that was about to fall in and moved the barrier closer to give the fishermen more room to fish. Not sure if that is the safest thing to do but look who’s out testing it anyway.. LOL

Many people were out fishing and just like me taking pictures of the crazy surfers who brave the uncontrollable waters. I guess you are never to old to surf and so it seems anything for that matter.

Couple Fishing off of Bouge Pier

Waiting for the Right Moment.

Well I’m going to take a little nap, because I deserve it, then get up off this couch and clean my house. It’s going to be a very long weekend and I’m already looking forward to Monday and Tuesday.. Better start planning for my days off in advance..

Until next time take care and God Bless!!!!