All Work and Very Little Play!!

It is 4:19 on a Sunday afternoon. My weekend off is over come tomorrow morning and it seemed to go by way to fast. I try to do as much as possible on my time off with my kids, even though they may have other plans. I have another long weekend ahead and I’m already not looking forward to it. I really like my job and I get a good amount of time off, it just doesn’t seem that way at times. My me time has dwindled because I squeeze every amount of time for my kids and of course other motherly duties. Being a single parent with two teenagers, I might as well say, is really unproductive most of the times. We had a good weekend, all in all. I went out Friday night to Church Street Inn & Pub  while the girls were at Young Marines. It was a quick breath of fresh air then back home to a busy house. Saturday was filled with window shopping, buying a new battery for my car, which was not planed at all, and food sampling at Sams Club which is always fun. Saturday night was the candle light walk in downtown Swansboro which is really nice, especially if you have someone to share it with. Scearce and Ketner played and as always brought a huge crowd that left wanting more, including myself.  The girls had fun and it was nice to hang out with them besides hanging out at the house all the time. So with that being said, I’m catching up on things I could not squeeze in, and getting my gear ready for work tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow will go by fast and without all the drama that it brings more often than not. So I leave you with some pictures of Saturday night and all the fun that S&K Bring….  I just can’t get enough of them.. LOL  🙂

🙂  🙂

July 4th…..

girls My girls are now with there dad safely in Indiana. They had such a great time with their grandparents. My mom called me last night and told me that they had made the switch and they spent sometime talking. They spent about 13 days with them and she is missing them already. It’s been about a week now without them. It’s been quite and well, boring actually. But I’m making the best of it and I plan on going to Myrtle Beach next week for the day. Walk around and do some shooting than hit one of the clubs or even the Hard Rock for some good food and a nice cold beer. It’s nice to be able to come and go whenever you want to and not have to worry about anything.

Fourth of July is this weekend and once again I am without the girls. Again, it’s OK because I have plans and I’m going to have a great time.Swansboro always has a great display and lots of food, fun, and of100_1407-1 course beer. (Church Street Pub is Calling Me) 🙂
This is the best place I think for a little town like this. You have complete strangers coming in and than you have your locals (me) who walk in and you automatically have your beer waiting for you. It is really nice. I hope everyone has a great 4th, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the weekend.