Computer Issues!!!

Well, I’m still in the process of working on my main computer. It seems I may need a battery so I ordered one and it should be here by next week. I’m hoping that will take of the  pesky problems I am having. I’m still working off of an iBook G4 which will not hold any photo software and or anything else for that matter. For a photographer it is a heart breaking situation. I have hundreds of photos that are sitting on my external hard drive just waiting to be edited and loved by many…

I have been talking with my girls and they are itching to get back home, which makes my day. They are having a great time with their dad of course, but home is home. I have exactly one month from today  until I pick them up. I’m planning on a Myrtle Beach getaway for a day or two to welcome them back home.  We might hit the Alligator Adventure and then off to a seafood buffet.

For now I’m catching up on house work, looking for a job, and just loving the fact that I’m able to have fun even if I’m by myself. I do miss  sharing things with someone, but I’m happy to be single and have no relationship drama in my life.

Sounds a bit funny coming from me. Maybe one day I’ll let someone in once again, who knows what could happen tomorrow…. 🙂