December is here..


December is fianlly here, and the countdown has begun. Soon we will be bringing in yet another New Year. This to me is amazing in that, I can’t remember a year going by as fast as this one has. This time last year I was settling in to my new job and now I’m settled and in it for the long haul. Again, I must say that I was hoping to have a companion of some sort for the Holidays but as to my dismay, God has other things planned for me I guess. I know he has a specific path for me but I wish I could take a sneak peak at it every once in a while. I’m very thankful for what I have accomplished this year and the friends that I have made. With that being said, I still want to share all the good times and of course my bad times with someone special. I do have my kids and they are everything to me, which is why I’m still here. They come first and foremost as always, then maybe later down the line I might meet someone who understands that and wants to be apart of it as well.  Anyway, it has been a busy weekend and next weekend will be even busier. I have a yard sale, Young Marines, Christmas Party at Mikes Farm, and Christmas Party at Church Street so needless to say it will come and go just like that. I will also be making my last ditch attempts at packing and getting ready for my move. I will miss living out here off of the Loop. The sunrises in my backyard and it is so quite. That is what I will miss the most, even though I’m moving 5 minutes down the road the atmosphere is going to be different. This move will be better for us in that we all will have our own rooms, and no more waiting for showers. Yes, two full baths not just a bath and half. I think my kids would go nuts if they grew up im my old childhood home, 1 bath with a family of 4 kids.  Well I better get off of here, have to get things ready for another solid work week. Hoping everyone has had a wonderful start to the upcoming end of 2012. I’m hoping for 2013 to bring lots of laughter, love, and many dreams to come true.

Take care and until next time God Bless.



First day of 2012, in JAIL!

Well here we go again. A new year a new start. I spent the first day of 2012 in jail oh but wait, this is not what you think, I work there. I had to work the weekend and was anticipating a very hectic couple of nights.  Leading into Saturday we were slow as well as Sunday so all in all it was actually very boring. It’s hard to believe that it is 2012. Shouldn’t we own flying cars and living on the moon by now? The past year is gone but of course not forgotten. I’m hoping that 2012 will offer me opportunities to advance in my career, the chance to love again and possibly get out of this little duplex of mine and into a bigger place. There are so many things I want to try to accomplish this year and I’m excited about the challenges ahead.  My kids started their first day back to school of the new year, which I should already assume will be a very hectic second half of the school year. Soccer will be starting soon, Young Marines will be back in the spotlight and well I will still have to juggle all of this plus work and my personal life, whatever my personal life is at the moment. I can’t say I’m not used to it because I am, although a full-time job thrown into the mix is a slight challenge. I have had practice at  it for the past 7 months now, so I think I can adapt to it pretty well. So with that being said, the new year should hold some amazing challenges and  hopefully some help given the fact that the girl’s dad will be moving back here in the summer. No, not back with me! they are excited and I am too, they need their dad and I need breaks in my routine. Ok well I have to get started on my new years celebration time since I missed it on Saturday. Here is to another New Year, may it unfold without many, but a few struggles.