Over a Year has Passed.

It’s been over a year now since I have posted to my blog. The world around me has changed dramatically needless to say. Life has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, if you are not paying attention you will get hit right between the eyes. I’m still very blessed with my life, but I lost my momentum and I am still struggling to regain some kind of cohesion.

A man that I admired, loved and looked up to my entire life, my dad, passed away in March. This was the last picture I had with him, I wish it wasn’t so blurry but it is all I got.

It was the hardest day of my life and I still struggle with his passing today. It has almost been a year now without hearing his voice and laughter. My mother, my baby brother and his family, has since moved from the very place we all grew up which was another heart felt loss. But was needed to move on and heal.

Just knowing that I will never have a need to go in that direction again is still very surreal to me. My sister and her family still live in the vicinity but they too will have no need to travel in that direction and I know it is much harder on them. We went out for Thanksgiving to see them and it was great visiting with my nieces and nephew and walking around the property and my hometown one last time.

Just this morning I was reading a post on Facebook about a loss of a loved one, and not being able to be with them for the holidays, and the waterworks set in. You will never get over the loss of a loved one, especially a parent, never. I know that he is in a better place, and pain free, and one day I will see him again. My family and friends are keeping me strong and we lean on each other everyday for comfort. My girls keep me on my toes as well, and Im very proud of both of them.

My boyfriend of almost 2 years now has helped me through and I am so appreciative for that.


He means everything to me and I’m not sure where I would be without him in my life. It has been a long year, full of many ups and downs. Even though with the loss of my father I have kept a good pace, earning my Spartan Trifecta with Patrick. We pushed each other and overcame many obstacles, physical and mental. I know I have a long road ahead, and that I really need to get back into Crossfit because it actually kept my mind and body at ease.

Overall my year has been hard but with the help of my whole family it gets easier day by day. My baby brother and family added to the tribe with a baby boy, my Nana had her 75th birthday party, full of surprises and many, many more great moments have been this past year. Needless to say I am very blessed with what I have. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my loved ones. Remember to say I love you, kiss and hug each other every single day, you never know when it’s your last. Here are a few more of my year, enjoy.

A Step in the Right Direction.

So I have made a dramatic step in the right direction. I have been promoted to SGT and now have  more responsibilites and duties to say the least. I’m so thankful for the direction that my life is heading. All I hope is that everyone around me will see me for me and not for my rank. We are all a team and that is how it works in this line of business. With that being said, my hours are changing which is good. I can now spend more time with my kids and hopefully not miss out on all the school activites and soccer games that I missed out of last year.

I was able to spend the 4th of July in Wilmington this past Wednesday, which was crazy. Drove down and got situated in a hotel about 2 1/2 miles out of downtown. I decided on not too drive so walked to downtown and it took me longer than expected, being that it was over 100 degrees out. But I did manage to take some photos along the way which is always fun. It wasn’t too bad when I made it into town, but later it was so hectic I couldn’t even find a place to stand much less a place to sit. All in all it was a nice night, I strolled around and went to a few of my favorite places. After the fireworks were finished I made my way back to the hotel for the rest of the evening. The next day I decided to take a drive to Carolina beach and finish the day off at Wrightsville Beach. It was a great two days which I will not see again only if I take vacation.  So here are some photos of my Fourth of July excursion, enjoy.








Catching Up

It’s been awhile since I have been on here. I have been working so much lately that I have had no energy to do anything. Now that my girls are back I have been even busier than normal. They are getting so big. They both started school today and for this year they are in the same school. Michelle moved up to middle school and Julia is in her last year of middle. It’s been a rough couple of weeks with work, I have been working on a different squad than with my usual group. It’s not so bad, just have to get used to different types of people and just go with the flow. I have a weekend off coming up so I plan on taking the girls to Myrtle Beach for a while. I would like to take a couple of days off but I can’t do that right now. Christmas is around the corner, we will see what my holiday will look like. I have been working on the girls bedroom and finally got 3/4 of the way through with it today.

As for now I have to worry about this hurricane bearing down on us. Of course I have to work the entire weekend and still have to worry about my girls riding this thing out with my brother. They will be much safer in his house in Jacksonville then my little place in Swansboro. I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well and I won’t have to spend the whole weekend at the jail. Although I’m not very hopeful considering the way this thing is coming at us. I’m not sure if I can handle more than 12 hours at work, it’s hard enough to do the 12.

       I became an Aunt once again yesterday. My brother Charlie and his wife Hannah had another little girl, Oliva Grace. She is so cute and Alexis now has to be a big sister now. I’m so happy for the both of them and hope they make it home from the hospital tomorrow before Irene hits. I know Hannah would be more comfortable at home then in a hospital bed. Well it’s getting late, and have to get the kids ready for school. Until next time. :=) Stay Safe Crystal Coast!

Winter Storm of 2011..

And yet another winter storm has hit the Boro. With this snow brought 3 days of unforgiving no school days, two of which were boarded up in the house. Although it was a rough time, they are going back to school tomorrow and I get my house back. Yes I’m talking about my kids, I love them but……. Well if you are a parent you most definitely understand. Here are a few pictures of their time off. 

I have been working on my online classes as well. I’m ahead of the game as of right now and I will continue to be as long as I use my time wisely. I have class on Friday at Coastal and then the weekend roles in. Still training for the sheriff’s department and so forth, so busy in that department. With that being said I am now relaxing with a Fat Tire, and looking forward to a great year. Hopefully I can find someone to share it with..

Home Sweet Home..

I pulled into the driveway around 6pm last night and was exhausted. I loved seeing all of my family and had a great time with them all. It is so nice to be able to catch up and talk about previous Christmases and outings we all have shared throughout our lives. The girls made it too their dads safe and sound. I do miss them but know that they are having a lot of fun. I’m still running on fumes so this will be short and sweet. I will update with more  in a day or two.

The Family, minus a few. 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunset on another Year!!

Another year is almost in the record books. I can honestly say that I am ready to put 2010 in my rearview mirror. This year has been filled with more heartache, loss and pain that I wish to no longer bear. And even though there has been and still will be good things to come, I still can’t shake the past. January was filled with the death of my grandfather. March my heart ached when I walked away from someone who I thought loved me. April, Papa went through a total heart bypass surgery and was given only 6 months to live. Along with that, my dad was put in the hospital, my parents house burnt down and one of my sisters closes friends passed away. May my dad had a heart attack, my mom an anxiety attack and both were in the hospital along with Papa all at the same time. I felt like following course. My dad’s dad is still kicking but fading with everyday that passes. His mind is going and on occasion asks for his late wife or wakes up thinking he is back on the ship during the war. I hope that my kid will be able to see him this Christmas before he goes. My exes mother, kids grandmother was diagnosed with cancer last month and is in and out of the hospital as I speak.

So needless to say I’m hoping and praying for a much better year ahead. As for now I sit and wait for my new opportunity to improve on my life. Waiting for a response from JPD is drawing near. Within the next week I should hear something. The girls are doing good and we are working on going to Arkansas for Christmas. So I hope that this year will end on a good note. I hope that I can work hard and accomplish what ever is set for me. So let’s let sunset on another year and try to accept the past and move on to the future.


Summer 2010

I have finally downloaded and edited my photos from my summer trip. I’m excited to get some of these ready for print and possibly for Christmas gifts as well. So here are some more photos of my trip back home… Enjoy.

This is a restaurant… But used to by one of many houses we lived in Winslow.. :-0

My old elementary school, now all boarded up. 😦

Memories…. U will have to ask me about this one. lol

Used to climb this when I was a kid. It is also closed because of new highway bypass.

Downtown Winslow…

It WORKS!!!!!

Well my new power cord is the winner. I have been on this thing all day and have now started to edit my Arkansas trip work. I have been babysitting my niece all day also and I’m exhausted. Going to post a few pics and then chill out for a while… Will definitely be updating very soon.

Vacant Chair on top of Closed Gift Shop

Winslow Rail Through the Ozarks

Me and My Sis.. Taking a ride around the Property…. Good Times..

My nephew Brayden…..

Will post more soon… Havn a beer than off to bed.. Night to all….