The Year is now 2017

So, where to begin. Lets see, the last time I updated my Blog it had been over a year since my dad had passed. Life as I knew it then, was at a slow but steady pace. It is now 2017, and I have no idea where 2016 went, and again I find myself looking back at what I have accomplished, prevailed, struggled through and so on. It will be two years in March since my dad has passed away, and I think about him everyday, even if it is for a the briefest of moments. Ok, so let me take you through 2016 up to this point, quick fast and in a hurry.

My oldest, graduated high school, and was accepted to Johnson and Wales Culinary Arts in Charlotte, where she and her boyfriend are living now.



I’m very proud of her and the young woman she has become.For her graduation and 18th birthday gift, I took her to Ireland for 10 days. It was an amazing trip and something I will never forget.

My youngest turned 16 and now is driving and is holding down a part-time job and school with no problems. I took her to see Justin Bieber  in June and she loved it, and I must say he did put on a great show. She is growing up way to fast and will be graduating next year. So now I have to plan for her graduation and birthday gift as well. We all planned on getting our trifecta this year but Julia and Deiondre missed the Spartan Super, this year to complete it. Me and Michelle drove to Florida, and completed my 2nd Trifecta and her very first. I am so proud of all them,last years races were brutal needless to say. I’m looking  forward to this year and many more races to come.

I completed another Stranded/Urban Struggle, with Outside The Box Fitness. This was a huge accomplishment for me. We rucked throughout Wilmington, for 18 hours straight, with weighted rucksack and all for a great cause. We ended the day at the local food bank and donated canned food,  and socks. It was a struggle but I completed it, and look forward to doing it again this year.

I became an aunt again for the 9th time (I think) hard to keep track these days.. Life has a funny way of working out and I must say I have no regrets and I’m not perfect by no means. This past year has been amazing, and disappointing all at the same time. People come and go in life and you can never really plan, or prepare yourself for it. It all happens for a reason, good or bad, happy or sad. With that being said, I will say that love is very tricky and completely out of your control. I was in a relationship with someone who I can truly say I loved. He was there when I needed him, and vice versa. But I needed more than what he could provide. He will always have a place in my heart, that’s just how I am. Like I said before I have no regrets, life has a way of working out and giving you some unexpected joys.


I am now in a relationship that I have been longing for quite some time. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this kind of connection with anyone. We argue, we pick on each other, I get jealous (a lot, “not perfect”), he wants to include me in his life and I him, and he tells me every single day that he loves me. We never go a day without talking, hugging one another, laughing, texting good mornings, I love you, have a great day, I miss you, and all other little things that mean so much to me.

He came into my life at the right moment and very unexpectedly. I never even seen it coming and at first it kinda scared me. I’m very happy with how 2016 has turned out and I hope that this year will be full of great new adventures. My kids are doing great, family is holding on tight, and staying strong. I plan on getting back into shape, getting stronger, and competing in more races with my whole family.

My goal is to keep up with this blog, and post at least once every month. So take care, and until next time, here are a few more pics of the past year, to include Hurricane Matthew and much more.



Living the Family Life.

It’s Memorial weekend already, and I’m sitting here on the computer. All is good in the household, little stretched financially but I think everyone is in that tug boat right now. I have decided to gain yet another place of employment (part-time), to compensate for some up coming issues that may or may not happen. My full-time job takes precedence over any other job of course, needless to say, but it’s going to be a rough road ahead if it all comes down to the government taking money that’s not theirs in the first place.  You have to love it, they wait until you are ahead and on your feet, just to knock you down a few notches. By no means am I alone on this one, others will be affected as well, my kids, their dad, ect. Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 4.19.58 PM

Anyway on a good note, I took the girls to Ocracoke yesterday for a day trip. Of course I couldn’t afford to stay but maybe next time. I think I enjoyed it more than the girls, just walking around everywhere and taking in the sites. I haven’t been there in years, and not much has changed except for the new ferries. The new ferry line is great, spacious, clean and very comfortable. It seems much bigger then what I had remembered.DSC_2756

We left Swansboro at 4:45am and arrived at Cedar Island at about 6:25am, just in time to buy our tickets.We walked on so we didn’t have to have a reservation and it was only $1 for each of us. The day started off pretty cold, we all had to wear jackets or sweat shirts, especially on the ferry. The ferry ride was about 2hrs and 15 minutes long and very rough.  Julia and Michelle loved it but I could have done away with the constant rocking back and forth and feeling like I was tipsy on my toes, without the side affects of the drink. Smile Smile2 Goinghome almostthere RideTHere

Wet made it to Ocracoke at 9:15 am, where we pulled into Silver Lake to dock. It was busy and bustling as soon as we hit the pavement, people everywhere. We ventured around on foot to the local shops, and stopped at Candy Land for a bite to eat. They had picnic tables so we pulled up a seat and had PB&Js for lunch. Teach’s Hole was right across the street so we walked over after we ate to check it out. It was pretty interesting, girls liked it. Julia forgot that Blackbeard’s ship was found off the shores of Beaufort NC.  It was off to Sweet Tooth, which was right around the corner. Make sure you bring lots of money for this shop, $2.25 for ONE truffle…… Just saying..


YumYum Yellow What LighthouseInHand Julia

Lighthouse ThatsRight

By the time 12:00 rolled around we had walked to the Lighthouse, through Springer’s Point Reserve and back up toward the Jolly Roger. We planned on taking the 4pm ferry back and I still wanted to hit Howard’s’ Pub. So I decided to rent a golf cart for a couple of hours. I swear I felt like I was the Flintstones, people on bicycles were going faster than we were. It was hilarious and the girls of course not having to walk anymore, loved it. We hopped on our little 20mph roadster and set out for Howard’s Pub.  The pub wasn’t that busy and we had our fill of pub fries, burgers, and chicken sandwiches. By 2:30 we jumped back into our ride and  putted back to base camp to turn in the golf cart and head to the ferry. All in all it was a great day, a few arguments and threats to go back home, but nothing that a family hasn’t been there done that before. RentMe

trail Private HPThePub Plates

The ferry set out at 4:30, which was the last one out until 8pm whew… Glad we made it on that one. We made landfall once again around 6:45pm and jumped in the car and flew home (faster than 20mph mind you).  Pulling into the drive way at home Michelle turns to me and says, “Mom I’m bored what can we do now”? I just looked at her and said, “Really”, honey I’m going to bed. LOL.. They are at their dads today and tomorrow, so I’m relaxing and enjoying some peace and quite. I’m going to hang out at home, cook out on my make shift deck and have a few than call it a night.DSC_2805

Not much to do when you are strapped for cash, but been there done that and I can do it again if this road I’m on leads that way. The good Lord will provide and I will not give up.  Here are a few more photos from our Ocracoke excursion.

WildHair View TheView TheHelm OutdoorSeating



SeaLevel Shelly Eyes copy Escape


Happy Memorial Day to Everyone……   God Bless.

A Weekend of Fun and Fright!!


This past weekend was very eventful to say the least. Friday night was great, both girls participated in the Graduation Ceremony for the newest Swansboro Young Marines. Julia was the narrator, and Michelle  was able to sing the National Anthem! Make sure you check it out, she was awesome. I am so proud of both my girls, they are both growing up so fast. It’s amazing to me that it still feels like yesterday when they were reaching up for me to pick them up. Now I’m looking up to both of them, given the fact that they are both taller than me. I sometimes wish that everything can just slow down so I can catch up. I’m going to wake up and they both will be off to college and well, who knows what I’ll be doing. It’s scary if you really sit back and think about it.

Friday night also was great because I met up with some good friends and some great music for a pre St. Patricks Day Bash. Even though it was freezing outside the atmosphere was nice and everyone seemed to have a good time. I don’t get out much to that side of town, it was a good change of scenery. I hope to do it more often. DSC_2439 Kites
Friday came and Saturday morning came way to soon. Me and the girls got up around 7a.m and headed out to pick up some of their friends. We made our way to Greenville for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for a Cure. This year the walk took place at the Greenville Convention Center. It was a lot of fun and the weather cooperated for the most part. It was a very long day and we finally made it back at about 430.FxCam_1363447849416 FxCam_1363447138832 FxCam_1363444053251 DSC_2454

DSC_2451 100_1567

We went home and Michelle turned around and got ready for a birthday party that she was invited to. So make a long story short, me and Julia were at the Pub when I got the phone call.

DSC_2463“There was an accident and Michelle hurt her eye, she was jumping in the bounce house and knees herself in the eye”.

So me and Julia got up and left. I didn’t even pay my bill, well until Sunday. We got there and needless to say it was pretty bad and we took her to the ER. We waited for about an hour in the waiting room. Finally we got into the ER and she was seen, then taken to get a cat scan which came up normal. She might have an orbital fracture but it has to heal on its own. We ended up spending about 3 hours in the ER and then finally headed home.

DSC_2468 DSC_2478


She is doing much better now and is scheduled to have a follow-up appointment tomorrow. She is back to her old self, and ready to get back to playing soccer next weekend. Last weekend was crazy, and I’m really hoping this weekend is more low-key. So here is to a low-key weekend, and no ER visits!!!  🙂

New Home, New Start..


DSC_2296I finally moved into my new home. We are slowly but surely moving in all our stuff and putting up photos. This year has started off on a good note and I hope that it keeps going. I have a lot of plans for the new house, fence, back deck, and a nice gym/darkroom in the garage. That all will come in time of course, have to make sure what my finances will look like in the next couple of months. Life is so great right now. I have worked really hard for what I have accomplished and I can’t wait to find out what more God has in store for me. I will continue to work hard and learn more as I go. I’m thinking about taking a couple of classes in the spring. Maybe I’ll try to complete my Bachelors in Criminal Justice before I hit 50. Life is too short to sit back and watch it go by. The girls are going on a couple of trips this summer and Julia is off to Junior Leadership School in Raleigh the next two weekends. I’m so proud of them both. So with all that being said, I’m pretty happy with where my life is headed. I’m hoping now that I am stable and my kids are older I can move forward and risk dating again. DSC_2315


Well better get going, have to get everything together for work then off to bed. Here are a few pictures of the house. More will come at a later date and time. 🙂

DSC_2313 DSC_2314 DSC_2312 DSC_2305

The Day After.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.00.31 AM

It is the day after the End of the World, and we are all still here. Here on this cold but yet beautiful Saturday, December 22, 2012. I am sitting at home thinking once again on how fast this year has gone by. Today is a new beginning for many, because of all the hype leading up to the End of the World. So what will we do now, what will we do differently, anything? I think not. Just as we try to make New Years resolutions, which never come to affluence anyway, we set our minds to try. I guess trying is better than doing nothing at all. So with that being said, today and on New Years day I will TRY to do things differently. I will try to workout 3 days a week, I will try to be patient with my kids, I will try to hug my kids more and tell them I love them every chance I get, I will try to call my family more, I will try to go to church every Sunday instead of sleeping in (occasionally), and most of all I will try to keep trying. On this first day of a New World, I will try to stay positive and reinforce myself that GOD IS in control and will provide for me and all always.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.44.09 AM

I will try to not take each day for granted, because each day is precious. With the haunting images of the past week of precious lives lost, I will be more aware of the everyday nuances, of the little things that go unnoticed.  This is my hope, I will try on my good days and my bad. My kids are my life and it’s because of them I even try at all. Of course I have my ambitions and goals to reach, but without them I honestly have nothing. My heart goes out to Newtown CT. I can’t even imagine what they are going through and I hope that time will ease their pain but I know that it will never go away.

On a good note, I went to Church Street Pub last night and met up with some friends. As the night was winding down, there was apparently a wedding about to happen in the courtyard. So I took my trusty phone out to check out the ceremony. It was excruciatingly cold but the bride looked beautiful. Unfortunately my phone can only do so much in the dark so my photos did not turn out so well. But I did get one good one when the bride and groom came back into the pub for some warmth, good food, and defiantly good beer. I have no idea who they are but they were kind enough to let me take a picture of them. I wish them the best of luck, and a big congratulations.


It was a fun night as always. I love my town, the friends that I have and my life. Yes sometimes it’s hard and yes sometimes I feel alone, but I’m thankful to be here. It’s not everyday that someone can say that everything is as it should be right now, and right at this very moment. I’m wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is to another year down and many, many more to come…….. 🙂


This is what it’s all about!

December is here..


December is fianlly here, and the countdown has begun. Soon we will be bringing in yet another New Year. This to me is amazing in that, I can’t remember a year going by as fast as this one has. This time last year I was settling in to my new job and now I’m settled and in it for the long haul. Again, I must say that I was hoping to have a companion of some sort for the Holidays but as to my dismay, God has other things planned for me I guess. I know he has a specific path for me but I wish I could take a sneak peak at it every once in a while. I’m very thankful for what I have accomplished this year and the friends that I have made. With that being said, I still want to share all the good times and of course my bad times with someone special. I do have my kids and they are everything to me, which is why I’m still here. They come first and foremost as always, then maybe later down the line I might meet someone who understands that and wants to be apart of it as well.  Anyway, it has been a busy weekend and next weekend will be even busier. I have a yard sale, Young Marines, Christmas Party at Mikes Farm, and Christmas Party at Church Street so needless to say it will come and go just like that. I will also be making my last ditch attempts at packing and getting ready for my move. I will miss living out here off of the Loop. The sunrises in my backyard and it is so quite. That is what I will miss the most, even though I’m moving 5 minutes down the road the atmosphere is going to be different. This move will be better for us in that we all will have our own rooms, and no more waiting for showers. Yes, two full baths not just a bath and half. I think my kids would go nuts if they grew up im my old childhood home, 1 bath with a family of 4 kids.  Well I better get off of here, have to get things ready for another solid work week. Hoping everyone has had a wonderful start to the upcoming end of 2012. I’m hoping for 2013 to bring lots of laughter, love, and many dreams to come true.

Take care and until next time God Bless.


Giving Thanks.

I went out for an early morning walk in the cold windy air this morning. There was a slight breeze which was chilly needless to say. I can’t believe that this year is closing fast. Still, I can’t explain how I have been blessed throughout the year. I’m so thankful for my friends, family, and of course my job. With out the security of my job I would not have even half the things I have now. The girls are at Myrtle Beach with their dad and won’t be back until Saturday so, I’m taking off a little later to spend some time with friends, then off to see my brother and his family. Who knows maybe I’ll go to Wilmington tomorrow and see what happens from there.

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone, and God Bless!!