Another Week Down!

Another week down and it’s finally the weekend. It’s been a crazy week and I’m so glad that it I have few days to relax before starting it all over again. Last weekend was Easter weekend and I spent Thursday night with my brother and his family. I cooked dinner and we had a great time. On Friday, I relaxed and went out with a good friend and enjoyed some of our old stomping grounds. Saturday, I went to Wilmington and walked around and visited the Cameron Art Museum. On Sunday, I went to Easter services and then picked up the kids for some Easter fun at a friend’s house. It was a great weekend and I hope that I can relax this weekend as well. Going to a soccer game in the PM in Morehead City, but no big plans as of yet, just relaxing and enjoying the time that I have been given.

I went to spin class this morning to start off my weekend and I think I left my legs there. Whewww.. That stuff is no joke!!

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11.32.13 AM


I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I hope I can walk later!.. 🙂 Here are a few pics from my last weekend excursion. Enjoy..
















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