Hogs Disapoint.

I returned last night from a long day of fans screaming GAME………. COCKS…….. and 1st DOWN. My trip started at 4:45 Saturday morning, with a good friend of mine, headed to Columbia, South Carolina. The weather was fantastic, and I was so excited, given that this was my first college game. We made it to Williams-Brice Stadium at 10:00 and parked outside of the stadium and made our trek toward crowds, and crowds of people. Walking toward the stadium we had people left and right trying to sell us tickets, t-shirts, game day books, and more. We arrived at our destination and it wasn’t to hard to find where our seats were, with a little help anyway. I know now that the next time I buy tickets, I will look for seats just a little bit higher in the stadium, so we can get the view of the whole field. I’ll have to do some research and plan for next time. It was a good game, but Arkansas just could not handle the Gamecocks. I must admit, this team is very good and the atmosphere in the stadium is very addicting. University of South Carolina really know how to put on a show. But with that said, I need to plan for an Arkansas home game in the near future, I’m sure University of Arkansas has quite a setup as well. The game ended with SC beating Ark 38-20, OUCH! Arkansas really needs to get their act together, hopefully next year will be better. So on our way home, we were trying to keep each other awake with movie titles, and music lyrics when out of nowhere this buck decides to mosey on up to the side of the highway. In an instant all I could do was grab the door and hold on tight. Of course it just stared at us and we kept on going. All we could do was laugh, and thank God it didn’t decide to jump in our path. He was a beauty, a hunters dream, at least a 6 point.

So, I am now home and the house is quite. I have a lot to do in the next month, packing, moving etc. It’s going to be a busy couple of months, hoping to get out and do something for Thanksgiving, something different. Ocracoke is out of the question, everything as closed down early because of road repair from Hurricane Sandy. So I will plan and do, that is what I’m all about now. If I can afford to do it, I will do it. Who knows I may  not be here tomorrow to do them.

Oh, and by the way Happy Veterans day to all Vets, and a big Happy Birthday to all Marines, young and old.. Ooooorah!!!




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