Swansboro Young Marines

Well school has officaly let out and the Swansboro Young Marines now need a place too meet. The place where they are meeting now is being sold so we are having to find a new place to meet on Friday nights and at the end of the month on Saturdays. We really need some help, we want to keep these young Marines in Swansboro and not have to move them to Jacksonville. I know my girls would not be able to attend if that was the case. Anyway, this past weekend was filled with fun, laughter and a few tears. Michelle finally got promotoed to PFC and I am so proud of her. The Kisers had a farewell party on Saturday and it was a great time for all.

The weekend is almost over and I have to go back to nights.. YUCK!!!  But the girls dad comes in next weekend for good, so that’s a plus for me. I fianlly get some help with the girls and some much need time to myself. They are going to start soccer soon and Julia is going to a summer bridge program next month so they both will be very busy. I myself cant wait till November, I have a great weekend planned, but don’t want to jinx myself so I will prepare for it on the down low.

With that being said, today is Fathers Day!!!! So Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there.

Here is to another weekend of 2012 in the books!!!!


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