MY Days Off!!

It has been a long weekend. I have today and tomorrow off so of course I tried to plan for something. Well that something has fallen through with this tornado of a house of mine. It’s already 230 and I have finished my living room, dusting, rearranging things and now I’m moving onto the laundry and my bedroom. I’m leaving my most hated household chore to last, the dishes! Needless to say I have had an ok day. I need to start downsizing on clothes and other random stuff that has cluttered up this small living space of mine. The kids don’t help things either by coming home from school and throwing their school bags and  books around. Seems to me that most of my free time for myself is in the evenings when they slow down from all the on-goings throughout the day. Spring break is around the corner and this year I will not have it off. I will have two days and then work the rest. Really not looking forward to it at all. It is what it is a I guess. Well I better get back to this thing I call my house and get some more stuff done. So glad I have a bottle of wine and some strawberries waiting for me in the refrigerator. 🙂


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