Morning Walk of the New Year!

Went out this morning for a little run and it turned into a brisk 5 mile walk. The walk was really what I needed, and I took a few photos along the way which made it that more interesting. It is now 11 days into the New Year and I have been busier than ever. Soccer should be starting here in a few weeks and of course, busy, busy, busy. These moment are very hard to come by so I took advantage of my time while enjoying the fresh air. The sunrise was very brief with the clouds enclosing on the sun as it came up on the Crystal Coast. Even though it was short it was nice to see it come up before the rain set in. 

I passed this bird on the beach and decided to turn around and take a few shots, I’m glad I did. Days like this gets my artistic juices flowing, even if they are far and few between. Taking photographs and looking at the finished product is so relaxing and fulfilling.




Well maybe I can get out tomorrow before the weekend sets in. It’s going to be a long one I can feel it. So the rain has finally settled in and I’m on the couch.. Yes the COUCH!!!!! LOL.. :-). Anyway, have to get up and start cleaning, don’t want to get stuck with it tomorrow.

Until Next Time!!!


One thought on “Morning Walk of the New Year!

  1. brindle09 says:

    I am glad you had the chance to unwind and have some me time!! love all the pics you have taken. 5 miles WOW proud of you. Love you baby

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