Staying Home for the Holidays!

Well Thanksgiving is over and it’s time for Christmas. Thanksgiving was spent with my brother and his family. My two nieces are so cute. Alexis was bouncing off the walls and running around playing with the girls. Oliva was so good and she just sat in her swing watching everyone do their thing. It was a nice, non-hectic day. The girls ended up staying the night while I went off to work for the remainder of the night and into the morning. It was a quiet night, which was good for me. The guys on the other hand had a much interesting night than myself. I’m not complaining the less drama the better I say. Christmas is around the corner and I’m going to put up my tree tomorrow. I’m really in the mood for some good cheer, so bring it on. We are staying here for Christmas this year and telling everyone to hit the roads and come to North Carolina for the Holidays. I’m planning on taking two days off from work which would give about a week off because of the way my schedule is set up. Should be a much need time away, and the girls really need me to be here for them. I think we may make a trip to New Bern and maybe Wilmington to see what kind of events are taking place during Christmas. I bet the streets are lit up and beautiful during this time of year. I might even see about taking a carriage ride for the Holidays with them, who knows.

The weather is holding up during the day, but dropping in the evenings. So it’s time to bring out the winter weather clothing. I think I might invest in a fire pit so I can sit outside and enjoy some fresh air and maybe some smores. This year has gone by so fast, especially now that I’m working. I can’t believe that I have been working now for 6 months. I’m so thankful for having this job and meeting all the great people along the way. I hope that I have the opportunity to move forward and achieve my goals. I’m hoping to get out on the road here in the next 6 months, or even go to BLET to get certified as a Deputy. It will be a challenge, but I thrive on challenges, especially when someone tells me I can’t do it. Anyway, I have to go back to work on Monday, so this weekend is about rest and relaxation.

Last night it was the Swansboro Flotilla, tonight will be Ericas BrewHaus for some good clean fun. Tomorrow will be church, football, and decorating the Christmas tree. So the weekend is planned and next week it’s work and more work. I guess I better get going, taking a quick nap then off to a birthday party.

Until next time 🙂


One thought on “Staying Home for the Holidays!

  1. brindle09 says:

    I love all the pics you took at Charlies, We love you

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