Feeling the VOID!!!

Well this weekend is the SPE Regional Conference in Myrtle Beach SC, and I can honestly say that I’m jealous of all who are attending. I miss the atmosphere and meeting all of the influential artists that come to speak. There is a big void in my life right now and that is my artistic side. Photography was once my one and only thing that I concentrated on. It is and will always be my passion, but because of my new career, I have not had time nor the money to do the things that I love. I remember when I could take off with my camera and just have a blast shooting anytime and anywhere. I miss my friends that I made during these yearly excursions to places like, Savannah, Denver, and Asheboro NC. I will one day get back into what I love the most, photography and every thing that goes with it. Here are a few pics from my past experiences during some great conferences.


SPE Regional, Savannah GA, 2007

SPE Regional, Asheboro NC 2008

SPE National Denver CO, 2008

Here is too my NEXT Conference…… Making plans now for the future!!!!


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