A Single Parent!

Being a single parent is not what I would wish on my worst enemy. It has occurred to me that as my kids get older the harder it is for me to hang on to them. They are both pulled in different directions and want to do different things. I mean I can’t sit here and say I can’t do it because I can. Hell I have been doing it for 4 years now. When I wasn’t working I had all the time in the world to spend with them and I did all that I could considering my finances were less than desirable. Now that I have a job and can do more, I do. But my time is limited and with that being said I try to do more on my days that I do have off. I think that has back fired on me because now they expect it. I’m not a perfect mom but I try so hard to give them the best that I can, and I don’t ask much from them at all. They have it so much better than some and they don’t even realize it. My job has made it harder to be there for my kids but I know that it is the right thing to do for all of us. We are so much better financially now then we were before. I know they don’t understand and that they are kids, but it’s got to get a little bit better. It’s hard to sit back and watch a tv show and see a family having fun together and hear your kids say “I wish we were like that”. I can’t even bring to words how that makes me feel. On top of all that I miss my church so much. My schedule is so erratic that I usually mis every other Sunday and possibly more. I feel lost sometimes and that’s not a great feeling to have. The girls can’t make it to the Youth Group meetings so they kind of lost  contact with that. They still are going to faith formation classes as much as I can get them there but of course that’s not easy either. On a good note for the time being, the girls had their Young Marine Ball last night and they had a blast. I had a good time watching them have a good time. It was just like a regular Marine Corps Ball, well without the alcohol and crazy Marines. 🙂  Oooo-Rahhh!!! anyway I guess I’m done complaining for right now. Here are some pics of last night…





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