A Quick Weekend Fly By!!!!

Well I came home Friday night and it is now Sunday morning. The weekend has flown by and I’m packing and getting ready to leave for New Hanover again tomorrow morning. Scearce & Ketner will be playing tonight in downtown Swansboro so I will definitely be there for that one. I will be back into Wilmington by 8am and ready for class then some great dinner out on the town Monday night. . DOCC School isn’t so bad, I feel like I’m back in boot camp in a way. The accommodations are just like open squad bays with lockers and bunks.

Lights stay on all night and drive me insane but I have a remedy for that one this week. There is a lot of testing and PT throughout the week and it’s nice to be 8 miles from downtown Wilmington. Their facility is amazing, and how it is ran is beyond compare.  I can’t wait to get into our new facility and be able to run things as smoothly as possible.

Well I’m off to pack and get some running around done before tomorrow. So here are some pics of last weeks adventures..













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