July 4th Weekend!!

Well my weekend is coming to an end. I have to work tomorrow but hope to be out before the fireworks kick off. I may not be able to party as much as some but that’s ok with me. The weekend was great, time spent with some great friends and some great excursions to say the least. Friday started with a night out on the town.  We hit the yacht club for a few hours then off to the Emerald Club for some Scearce & Ketner. As always they were the highlight of the evening, and always fun to go see. The night was eventful, full of many wild characters and other not so interesting people but fun none the less. I think this is going to my club to go to when I’m feeling froggy! 🙂



Saturday was filled with water, boats, and fun in the sun. Me and my BFF (Laura) left Beaufort for a short jaunt to Cape Lookout Lighthouse. It was a great day, great weather, for the trip. Although when we got back we found out we had been hit with parking violations. How in the world do they now how long we were parked there when there is no parking meters? I was so angry but got over it and we laughed it off, now if it was more than $20 I would really have had a problem with it. All in all it was fun while it lasted. The girls are doing good, and will be back home in August. So my plan for when they get back will be to take them to Busch Gardens for a weekend. I can’t wait, they are both taller then me so they can go on any ride that it has to offer. Would like to take someone else with us but……. that’s a whole story all in itself.

Anyway here are some more pictures of my weekend.







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