Working, working, working!!!

I have absolutely no complaints about working these days. I thank the Lord that I have a job that allows me to do what I really truly enjoy doing. It also allows me to have enough time in between to be with my kids until this summer. June is here and the girls will be leaving in about a week for their dads’. I have had this weekend off since coming off my night shift, but I start day shift tomorrow and will most likely be moving to a different squad possibly by the end of the week. I really like the squad I’m on now but as the transition is made to the new facility each squad needs a certain amount of people and this will assure that that happens. Yesterday was filled with BBQ parties with lots of food and friends. Some friends of mine held a BBQ fundraiser with lots of food and Scearce & Ketner for entertainment. They are always a joy to listen to. The girls were able to check out the new jail that I will be working in soon and they had a great time in doing so. Although I was very tempted to leave them there. LOL Their new home!


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