Long Weekend Ahead

Went out this morning for a nice walk, it was already 70 degrees by the time I was on the beach but still nice. 
It’s Memorial weekend and I have to work it all. I won’t complain though, I’m enjoying what I’m doing so far and thank God for a job. This will be my first full weekend on the night shift and since it’s Memorial weekend I do believe we will get some wild ones for sure. Hopefully the night will fly by and I can be back in my bed by morning, just to turn around and do it all again. Girls leave soon for their dads again for the summer and that gives me some time to work and of course relax on my days off. My life is falling into place and I really have nothing to complain about at the moment. I have great friends, family that is always there when I need them, kids that can be a pain in the butt, but I love them just the same and new job that keeps me on my toes literally at all times. Life is great and I look forward to any new surprises along the way. 🙂


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