I Just Came Here to Work!!!

So Monday was filled with paper work from 8am until 2pm. From 401k’s to medical, dental, and vision benefits, I was drained trying to figure out what to do. Although my girls are covered under tricare I still want a good paycheck and not have to worry about myself if I get sick. Ok so what’s this all about, large cap, automatic age adjustment, pay yourself not Uncle Sam,, huuuhh? I just came here to work. So much to choose from, but I made my decision and hope that Uncle Sam doesn’t take everything. I can make changes within 30 days so we will see.  Other than paperwork we were introduced to the Jailing system and some of its components. We were issued our radios and will receive our uniforms after 30 days on the job. Looking forward to that. I received my work schedule for the remainder of the month and I’m looking forward to a full day of work on Wednesday. Can’t wait to work with a great bunch of people. My online classes start on Wednesday as well, so I have to run into town to pick up one of my books. I’m going to try to continue my classes (online) as long as my work schedule is flexible, which seems to be for now. Well I better get going, a lot to do today then work at 0545 in the morning.. 🙂


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