Detention Officer

Well it’s official, I now have a full-time job with benefits. My official start date is the 16 of this month. I am so excited about this great opportunity to work with a great bunch of people. I will be working for the Onslow County Sheriff  Department as a detention officer for the county jail. The Onslow County Jail staff is responsible for the daily security of the jail and care, such as medical, bedding, visits, court appearances, etc, for approximately 110 inmates. Operating the jail is very complex, due to state and federal regulations governing the jails in North Carolina. It is the professionalism and dedication of the administrators and jailers that account for the high marks the jail receives when operations are reviewed for compliance. The Jail is a confinement facility used by law enforcement agencies in Onslow County, as well as the State of North Carolina and Federal Government. I’m hoping that by next year if everything goes well and I’m able get settled and complete all the necessary requirements and if spots are available, I can move up to patrol and be sworn in as a Sheriffs Deputy. But for right now I am thankful to work my way up to that point, gain all the knowledge that I can in the process. I don’t think it has really set in yet though. I feel like I’m still waiting for something else to do, but there isn’t anything else but to go to work. This weekend will be my time to celebrate, some how. Next weekend will be my nice and easy relaxation time before going to work.

So I will be signing off for a bit and I will update my blog with more information on my new career. Until then, God Bless 🙂


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