Morning News

It’s a little past 5 in the morning and the sun is still hiding in the nights sky. I’m laying here in bed pondering over my thoughts about the last phone call I received almost a half hour ago. We all new it was coming but yet nothing can prepare you for a loss. You would think my family and I would be used to this by now. Of course I’m sure you know by now what I’m talking about.       At 3 am this morning my dads dad passed in his sleep. He has been fighting for over a half a year now with medical issues and he finally said his last good byes. These last couple of months have been hard to say the least. His wife my Mamma, passed away on the 29th of this month 9 years ago and now they are finally together again. Finally able to bicker, argue, and nit pick at everything they did or said to each other. The funny thing about that is, that’s how they showed their love for one another. That is how they cared. I have said this in my previous blogs many, many times, but this year has been a very rough year for my family and friends. I think I’m numb to it all because I haven’t really broken down. As I lay here in my bed waiting for the sunrise, I thank God for taking him in his sleep. I thank God for giving him peace and comfort. My papa is gone but I know that I will see him someday and that is what keeps me going. Now we start over again, just like we did when my other grandfather passed away at the beginning of the year. Just like we did when my good friend passed, when my childhood home burnt to the ground, when my dad had his heart attack, when my mom was so stressed she had to be put in the hospital and with the passing of my papa. So many things has happened this year, so many lives changed forever. God is in control and he determines who stays and who goes. It was his time, his time to be with his wife and friends. Now comes the hard part, I will have to tell the girls later today that he is gone. They will probably take better than me, knowing they didn’t see him all that often. My memories I will hold dear, all the trips we took to Denver. Times when at the time, seemed boring to a young kid, now I treasure the most. I will remember as a kid when every time I visited or they visited there was always a chocolate bar in the fridge for us kids. According to my mom, up until the very end he still loved his sweets. Papa was a character, he always reminded me of Popeye. I also remember him always showing us how he could blow up his arm muscles just by blowing on his thumb. I showed my kids that years ago and they were amazed. Things like this will stay with me forever. The sun has yet to make an appearance, so I sit and wait. It’s already 6 and I have spent an hour on and off on today’s blog. There is a slight sign of the sun so I am ending here.  I love you Papa, you are no longer in any pain and I miss you already.


One thought on “Morning News

  1. Diane says:

    Love your blog! Love you Papa!

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