A Day in Wilmington.

Well Saturday rolled around and I decided to take the girls down to Wilmington for the day.. Of course the drive was brutal.. Are we there yet, it’s taking too long, I’m hot, and of course I need to go to the bathroom. Go figure. Cape Fear museum was first on our list. I must say I have never been there and was greatly amused at what was in store. With kids comes many, many questions too which I simply stated yes, no or I have no idea.

We made it to the waterfront and enjoyed the day by walking in and out of stores. We went to the Railroad musuem and again I was amazed at to how many trains were there. The girls had a great time.

We ended our day with a fantastic meal at Front Street Brewery and I enjoyed a couple of beers. It was a great day, I hope to make it out that way again. The meal was so good that I plan on eating there the next time I venture out in that direction.