It WORKS!!!!!

Well my new power cord is the winner. I have been on this thing all day and have now started to edit my Arkansas trip work. I have been babysitting my niece all day also and I’m exhausted. Going to post a few pics and then chill out for a while… Will definitely be updating very soon.

Vacant Chair on top of Closed Gift Shop

Winslow Rail Through the Ozarks

Me and My Sis.. Taking a ride around the Property…. Good Times..

My nephew Brayden…..

Will post more soon… Havn a beer than off to bed.. Night to all….


2 thoughts on “It WORKS!!!!!

  1. keoughp says:

    Love the train rail shot into tunnel. Nice! Glad you got that power cord issue resolved.

  2. julia6234 says:

    ummmmm, is that the new puppy they got? or is this an old post? cuz that dog brayden has is sooooooo cut 😀

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