Family Barbeque..

Finally well rested from my trip to Denver. Me and the girls made it back Monday night from a five-day fun-filled weekend in Denver. I would have liked to have spent a greater amount of time with my family but school and other priorities kept me back. It was great to see everyone and to sit and talk to about my late grandfather. We had some great stories to tell and a lot to catch up on. We were able to make it to Central City

for a stroll around the old town, which was filled with casinos. On Saturday we went to the zoo and Sunday we had big barbeque with the family. All in all it was a great trip even if it was short.

When we arrived in Denver the weather was scary. Denver was being bombarded with hail, lightning, and some tornadoes.

Central City was cool, the last time I was here was when I was in high school. We all went up to have the old back in the day pictures done. The studio is now gone, replaced by a vacant building ready to be leased by someone in search of millions. I can remember this town having gold mines open for tourists to take a look at how gold was mined.You could also pan for gold for a couple of dollars, but all this was gone being replaced by casinos and bars.

Nana, and the Girls in Central City

Old Stables

The zoo was great as well, tiring but great. Some of the animals were in hiding because it was so hot outside but everyone had a good time.

Uncle Scott & Michelle


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