The Truth If You Can Find It.

With love comes pain. I was taught by the Marine Corps that pain is nothing but a mental state in your mind and that if you look past it you will survive, even under the most excruciating circumstances. I have learned to do that with time but this year I have found myself falling for the mental anguish everyday. I find myself growing weaker to the simplest of pains that everyone goes through day in and day out. My family is getting better and things are looking up for me. With that being said of course one good thing should out weigh the bad right? Wrong, how can someone who you thought cared so deeply about you lie straight to your face. How is this possible? I play the last 7 months in my head and wonder why I didn’t catch it sooner. I guess I wanted to believe so badly that this time was different that this time it just might be real. I may be jumping to conclusions but all the signs were there, everything was there for me to walk away and I didn’t. So in that respect this is my fault for believing. I hope to find out the truth here soon so I can move on and regain what strength I have left. I need to learn how to block out the pain once again and become the person I used to be. The one who held everything together and not the one who falls apart all time. Truth is out there I will find it.!!!!


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